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A set to help you revise coastal processes and landforms. From Http://


the stretch of open water over which the wind blows

Constructive wave

a wave where the swash is stronger than the backwash

Destructive wave

a wave where the backwash is greater than the swash

Wave crest

the top of a wave


a deposit of sand or shingle

Waves break

because of friction from the sea bed

Spring tides

are the strongest and highest


is the break down of rocks insitu


is the break down and movement of rock material

Mass movement

the downhill movement of rock and soil because of gravity


fragments of rock break away from the cliff due to weathering


blocks of rock slide downhill

Rotational slip

slump of saturated soil and weak rock along a curved surface

Hydraulic action

the power of waves compressing air in cracks


fragments of rock are hurled against cliff faces by waves and used as abrasive tools


rock fragments in the sea water grind against one another and become smaller

Longshore drift

The zig zag motion of sediment along the coastline


the hopping motion of sediment along the sea bed


where pebbles are rolled along the sea bed


The movement of waves and sediment UP the beach


The movement of waves and sediment DOWN the beach


A promontory of land jutting out to sea


a broad coastal inlet often with a beach


a large vertical column of rock detached from a cliff face

Wave cut platform

a flat area of rock in front of a cliff


a long narrow finger of sediment formed by coastal deposition

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