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  1. India (Before 1700)
  2. Diamonds, fertile land.
  3. Akbar the Great
  4. purdah
  5. Kublai Khan
  1. a ..., Mughal Empire
  2. b ..., a screen used in India to separate women from men or strangers
  3. c ..., (1542-1605) Emperor of the Mughal Empire in India. He is considered to be their greatest ruler. He is responsible for the expansion of his empire, the stability his administration gave to it, and the increasing of trade and cultural diffusion.
  4. d ..., Mongolian emperor of China and grandson of Genghis Khan who completed his grandfather's conquest of China
  5. e What precious materials were discovered in South Africa?

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  1. ..., Kingdom developed among Fon or Aja peoples in 17th century; center at Abomey 70 miles from coast; under King Agaja expanded to control coastline and port of Whydah by 1727; accepted Western firearms and goods in return for African slaves.
  2. ..., a republic at the southernmost part of Africa
  3. ..., title for the former hereditary monarch of Iran
  4. Which modern nation is still mostly Shiite Muslim?
  5. What is the estimated number of Africans forcibly brought over to the New World?

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  1. Tribal influences prevented a change in culture and economy.What was the death rate for Africans in the slave trade?


  2. Potosi..., Located in Bolivia, one of the richest silver mining centers and most populous cities in colonial Spanish America. (p. 479)


  3. peonage..., the practice of making a debtor work for his creditor until the debt is discharged


  4. "Sick man of Europe"the ottoman empire was referred to the sick man of europe. Europe was waiting for it to die (fall) so it could colonize


  5. They opened a trade route between the boot, and the tip of Africa....