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  1. Mestizo
  2. South Africa
  3. Istanbul
  4. Turkey
  5. Toussant L'Ouverture
  1. a ..., African in Santo Domingo who led insurrection: showed Napoleon would have trouble maintaining control in New World
  2. b ..., the largest city and former capital of Turkey
  3. c Which modern nation is still mostly Shiite Muslim?
  4. d What was the "white man's graveyard"?
  5. e ..., a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)

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  1. 30,000 Infantry, originally of slave origin, armed with firearms and constituting the elite of the Ottoman army from the fifteenth century until the corps was abolished in 1826.
  2. located in West Africa, its rich soil gave rise to several civilizations; it also helped unite the region by enabling merchants and travelers to spread goods and ideas up and down the river
  3. ..., a region of northern Africa south of the Sahara and Libyan deserts
  4. What was the death rate for Africans in the slave trade?
  5. ..., the main house on a ranch or large estate

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  1. So that they could control the trade routes from Africa to EuropeWhat was the death rate for Africans in the slave trade?


  2. Babur..., brilliant general who laid the foundation for the Mughal Empire


  3. "sleeping sickness"passed by a tsetse fly and affects the nervous system, placing the person in a deep and fatal sleep .African Europeans got this disease and the western coast became known as the white man's graveyard.


  4. Isfahan..., Persian capital from the 16th to 18th centuries found in central Iran


  5. Taj Mahal..., a ship canal in northeastern Egypt linking the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea