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  1. 70% of all Africans died on their way to the Americas.
  2. Benito Juarez
  3. Nigeria, and Kenya
  4. They treated them as equals, as they both believed in the same God. They were two different religions though.
  5. encomienda
  1. a What was the death rate for Africans in the slave trade?
  2. b ..., A grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas, including the right to use Native Americans as laborers on it
  3. c How did the Ottoman Empire treat its Christian minority?
  4. d ..., Mexican national hero; brought liberal reforms to Mexico, including separation of church and state, land distribution to the poor, and an educational system for all of Mexico
  5. e Which two African countries were not colonized by Europeans in the 19th century?

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  1. ..., The most important military leader in the struggle for independence in South America. Born in Venezuela, he led military forces there and in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
  2. Country in western Europe bordering Russia, known for its muslim based empire, the Ottomons.
  3. ..., an American foreign policy opposing interference in the Western hemisphere from outside powers
  4. ..., a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola
  5. ..., Mongolian emperor of China and grandson of Genghis Khan who completed his grandfather's conquest of China

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  1. Brazil..., brilliant general who laid the foundation for the Mughal Empire


  2. Mestizo..., a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)


  3. Silk Route..., An overland trade route connecting Asia and the Middle East. Many luxury items such as silk came from China to Middle East along with spices from India. Controlling it was Important to empires because they could control the flow of trade and enforce taxes. A source of tax for empires that controlled portions of it


  4. So that they could control the trade routes from Africa to EuropeWhy was control of the Nile River important to the British Empire?


  5. Sudanthe ruler of a Muslim country (especially of the former Ottoman Empire)


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