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  1. Haiti
  2. He was not Muslim.
  3. sikh
  4. Miguel Hidalgo
  5. Islandlwana
  1. a ..., an adherent of Sikhism
  2. b What was one of Akbar's most unusual virtues for a world leader?
  3. c a battle, a terrible defeat for the british but it motiviated them to ultimately defeat the zulus, was in south africa
  4. d ..., a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola
  5. e ..., Mexican priest who led peasants in call for independence and improved conditions

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  1. ..., Known in America as French and Indian war. It was the war between the French and their Indian allies and the English that proved the English to be the more dominant force of what was to be the United States both commercially and in terms of controlled regions.
  2. ..., Persian capital from the 16th to 18th centuries found in central Iran
  3. ..., Kingdom developed among Fon or Aja peoples in 17th century; center at Abomey 70 miles from coast; under King Agaja expanded to control coastline and port of Whydah by 1727; accepted Western firearms and goods in return for African slaves.
  4. ..., descendents of Spanish-born BUT born in Latin America; resented inferior social, political, economic status
  5. 30,000 Infantry, originally of slave origin, armed with firearms and constituting the elite of the Ottoman army from the fifteenth century until the corps was abolished in 1826.

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  1. Boers..., Dutch settlers in south Africa


  2. "Sick man of Europe"passed by a tsetse fly and affects the nervous system, placing the person in a deep and fatal sleep .African Europeans got this disease and the western coast became known as the white man's graveyard.


  3. Sudanthe ruler of a Muslim country (especially of the former Ottoman Empire)


  4. Iran..., a theocratic islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia


  5. Timujin..., Genghis Khan's birth name