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Assume normal Mendelian traits. If a person with a widow's peak (WW) mated with a person with straight hair line (ww). What would be the genotype of their offspring?

All Ww

What would be the phenotype of their offspring?

All the offspring would have a widow's peak.

If 2 heterozygous dominant individuals for widow's peak mated, what would the probability be for their offspring to have a widow's peak?

Ww mates with Ww: the probability would be 3:1 for widow's peak in their offspring.

Remember Blood type alleles show Codominance. A woman with Type AO blood has a child with Type OO blood. She claims that a man with Type BO blood is the biological father. Is this possible that he is the father? Explain your answer.

Yes, it is possible that he is the father. A female with AO and a male with BO would be able to produce all of the blood types. AB, AO, BO and OO.

A woman with type AO blood has a child with type AB blood. Her husband has type OO blood. Is he the biological father of this child? Why not?

No he cannot be the biological father because he has no B alleles to pass to the child in his sperm. He can only pass on an O allele to his offspring.

If a person is Hh for hypercholesterolemia, could this be a problem? Why or Why not?

Yes, because hypercholesterolemia shows incomplete dominance which means a person that is heterozygous will have mild disease (they are not normal) and more prone to heart attacks. Their blood cholesterol will range from 200-350 when it should be below 200. They will need cholesterol reducing drugs such as Lipitor.

A woman is a carrier for Muscular dystrophy XMX, she marries a man who is normal XY. What is the probability that their offspring will have muscular dystrophy?

None of their daughters will have muscular dystrophy, but there is a 50% chance that their sons will have muscular dystrophy.

If a woman is color blind Xc Xc and she married a man with normal color vision XY, how many daughters will be color blind?

None. None of the daughters will be color blind because the daughters receive a normal X from their father.

How many sons will be color blind?

All of the sons will be colorblind, because the mother's eggs will all contain Xc.

Is it possible for two brown grizzly bears fur to produce offspring with yellow (blonde) fur grizzly bear? Explain your answer.

Yes it is if both parent bears Bb were heterozygous for yellow fur.
You can see yellow fur grizzlies in Alaska.

A couple gets married and they have a child, which has cystic fibrosis. They did not have this disease. How is it possible for them to produce a child with cystic fibrosis.

They were both heterozygous for cystic fibrosis which means they are carriers of the disease and their children have a 25% chance of getting cystic fibrosis.

Is it possible for a couple who are both Rh + to produce a child that is Rh -? Explain your reasoning.

If both parents are heterozygous for the Rh factor + -, then there is a 25% chance of producing an Rh- child.

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