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All the def. syn. and ant. for Unit 7.


(v.) to calm or pacify, set to rest; to lessen or relieve (syn.) reduce, alleviate, moderate (ant.) aggravate, exacerbate, intensify


(adj.) beastlike; beastly, brutal; subhuman in intelligence and sensibility (syn.) animal, depraved, loathsome (ant.) human, humane, clement, virtuous, upright


(adj.) festive, sociable, having fun together, genial (syn.) fun-loving, jovial, merry (ant.) dour, grim, sullen, unsociable


(n.) a circle of acquaintance; a close-knit, often exclusive, group of people with a common interest (syn.) clique, set


(n.) a person or thing closely resembling or corresponding to another; a complement (syn.) match


(v.) to object or take exception to; (n.) an objection (syn.) protest, object to (ant.) assent to, consent to, accept, agree to


(n.) shameless boldness, impudence (syn.) gall, chutzpah, nerve, impertinence, cheek (ant.) shyness, diffidence, timidity


(v.) to decorate, adorn, touch up; to improve by adding details (syn.) ornament, garnish (ant.) strip, mar, disfigure


(adj.) lasting only a short time, short-lived (syn.) fleeting, transient, evanescent, transitory (ant.) durable, long-lasting, permanent, perpetual


(adj.) appropriate, apt, well chosen; marked by well-being or good fortune, happy (syn.) fortunate, well-put (ant.) inappropriate, inept, graceless, unhappy


(adj.) done slyly or stealthily, sneaky, secret, shifty; stolen (syn.) clandestine, covert, surreptitious (ant.) forthright, aboveboard, open


(adj.) glaring; tastelessly showy or overdecorated in a vulgar or offensive way (syn.) gaudy, flashy, tawdry (ant.) subdued, muted, understated, quiet


(adj.) misleading, deceptive; lacking in or not based on reality (syn.) specious, spurious, fanciful, imaginary (ant.) actual, real, factual, objective


(adj.) needy, impoverished (syn.) penniless, poverty-stricken, destitute (ant.) wealthy, affluent, prosperous


(adj.) far too great, exceeding reasonable limits, excessive (syn.) exorbitant, extravagant (ant.) moderate, reasonable, equitable


(v.) to cast overboard, get rid of as unnecessary or burdensome (syn.) cast off, discard, dump, junk, abandon (ant.) conserve, retain, hold on to, keep


(n.) a person who hates or despises people (syn.) people-hater


(adj.) very persistent; holding firmly to a course of action or a set of beliefs; hard to get rid of, refusing to be put off or denied (syn.) stubborn, dogged, determined


(adj.) of little value or importance, paltry, measly; concerned with trifling matters, small-minded (syn.) inconsequential, piddling, trifling (ant.) important, significant, huge, gigantic


(n.) clothing, garments (syn.) apparel, attire

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