Vocab review units 7-9

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infractionbreaking of a law or obligation. syn: violation, transgression.mitigateto make milder or softer, to moderate in force or intensity. syn: lessen, relieve. ant: aggravate, intensify.pillageto rob of goods by open force (as in war), the act of looting. syn: ravage, sack, loot.prateto talk a great deal in a foolish fashion. syn: chatter, prattle, blab. ant: come to point, not waste words.puntiliousvery careful and exact. syn: precise, scrupulous ant: careless, negligent.redoubtableinspiring fear or awe. syn: formidable, fearsome. ant: laughable, risible.reprovefind fault with, scold, rebuke. syn: chide, chastise, upbraid, reproach. ant: praise, commend, laud, pat on the back.restitutionthe act of restoring someone or something back to the rightful owner or former state of position. syn: compensation, reimbursement.stalwartstrong and sturdy, brave, resolute. syn: sturdy, stout, valiant. ant: weak, infirm, irresolute.vulnerableopen to attack, capable of being wounded. syn: defenseless, exposed. ant: invincible, protected.acrimoniousstinging, bitter in temper or tone syn: biting, caustic, rancorous ant: gentle, warm, mild.bovineresembling a cow or ox, sluggish. syn: stolid, dull, slow, stupid. ant: alert, sharp, brightconsternationdismay, confusion syn: shock, amazement ant: calm, composure, aplombcorpulentfat, having a large or bulky body. syn: overweight, heavy, obese. ant: slender, lean, sparedisavowto deny responsibility for syn: disown, disclaim ant: acknowledge, admitdispassionateimpartial, calm. syn: unbiased, disinterested ant: committed, engaged.dissensiondisagreement, sharp difference in opinion syn: strife, discord ant: agreement, accorddissipateto cause to disappear, or scatter. syn: disperse, strew ant: gather, collectexpurgateto remove objectionable passages or words from a written text. syn: purge, censor.gauntletan armored or protective glove, a challenge. syn: dare, provocation, trial.hypotheticalbased on an assumption or guess syn: assumed, supposed. ant: actual, real, tested.ignoblemean, low, base syn: inferior, unworthy ant: admirable, praiseworthyimpugnto call into question, to attack as false syn: challenge, deny ant: confirm, proveintemperateimmoderate, lacking in self control. syn: excessive, extreme, unrestrained, inordinate ant: moderate, restrained, cool and collected.odiumhatred, contempt, disgrace. syn: abhorrence, opprobrium ant: esteem, admirationperfidyfaithlessness, treachery syn: betrayal, disloyalty ant: faithfulness, loyaltyrelegateto place in a lower position, to assign. syn: transfer, consign. ant: promote, elevate.squeamishinclined to nausea, easily shocked or upset. syn: nauseated, queasy, delicate, oversensitive.subservientsubordinate in capacity or role. syn: secondary, servile. ant: primary, principalsusceptibleopen to, easily influenced syn: vulnerable, receptive, impressionable. ant: resistant, immune.abateto make less in amount, degree. syn: diminish, decrease. ant: intensify, increase.adulationpraise or flattery that is excessive. syn: adoration, idolization. ant: ridicule, derision.anathemaan object of intense dislike. syn: malediction, imprecation. ant: benediction, blessing.astuteshrewd, crafty. syn: acute, sagacious. ant: obtuse, doltish.avaricea greedy desire, particularly for wealth. syn: cupidity, rapacity.culpabledeserving blame, worthy of condemnation syn: guilty, delinquent ant: blameless, innocentdilatorytending to delay or procrastinate. syn: stalling, slow, tardy. ant: prompt, punctual, speedy.egregiousconspicuous, standing out from the mass. syn: glaring, flagrant. ant: unnoticeable, paltry.equivocateto speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation. syn: to talk out of both sides of one mouth. ant: speak ones mind plainly.evanescentvanishing, soon passing away syn: ephemeral, transient, transitory. ant: everlasting, immortal.irresoluteunable to make up ones mind. syn: indecisive, vacillating, wavering. ant: determined, decisivenebulouscloudlike, resembling a cloud, cloudy in color. syn: hazy, fuzzy, cloudy. ant: definite, distinct.noviceone who is just a beginner a something. syn: neophyte, tyro. ant: veteran, expert.penuryextreme poverty. syn: destitution, want. ant: affluence, abundance.pretentiousdone for show, striving to make a big impression. syn: inflated, ostentatious. ant: unassuming, unaffected.recapitulateto review a series of facts. syn: review, summarize, sum up.resuscitateto revive, bring back to consciousness or existence. syn: revitalize or reanimate.slovenlyuntidy, dirty, careless. syn: unkempt, slatternly. ant: neat, tidy, careful.suppositionsomething that is assumed or taken for granted without conclusive evidence. syn: assumption, presumption, hypothesis.torpidinactive, sluggish, dull. syn: sluggish, lethargic, otiose ant: energetic, dynamic.