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inspection, smelling and hearing for TCM diagnosis

Su Wen - simplified location Fore head


Su Wen - simplified location Left cheek


Su Wen - simplified location Right cheek


Su Wen - simplified location Nose


Su Wen - simplified location Chin


Ling Shu - complicated location Forehead


Ling Shu - complicated location Between eyebrow


Ling Shu - complicated location Between intercanthus


Ling Shu - complicated location Bridge of the Nose


Ling Shu - complicated location Tip of nose


Ling Shu - complicated location Sides of the nose (alna Nasi)


Ling Shu - complicated location Sides of the nose


Ling Shu - complicated location On cheeks


Ling Shu - complicated location Close to the ear


Ling Shu - complicated location Filtrum


Ling Shu - complicated location The sides of filtrum


Skinny, tall, most common to get LQS, can easily to turn into fire, lots of movement (wind changes) or more likely to have ADHD, more likely to generate heat


round in the middle & pointed at the top (like a flame), less hair on the top of the head, (fire burned the hair away), happy, not serious person, h&s & feet are small, walk fast. Easily has HTN & HT diseases, vain, materialistic. Runs hot, can be dry.


Big Jaw, mouth, thigh - very round & heavy, very generous comparatively to other types, tendency to have damp, edema, easy to gain weight, muscle is sluggish, easily tired. Like to eat, less ambitious.


squared off, rigid, rational. Broad & squared shoulders, good voice (good zhong qi) singer or speaker, tendency to Asthma or Crohn's/colitis. Dependable


personality is flexible, very sympathetic, long torso, shorter legs. Emotional, psychic. People pleaser, lying to cover painful truths. Good lawyer, politicians. Typical complaint could be UTI or edema, joint problems, infertility, flattened filtrum


metal & wood types, yin Xu w/ empty heat - looks nice, not good to be with. Generous & happy with life


Earth & Water - shi (yin) damp & phlegm - damaging qi & yang - wont punch back (sweet temperament)

Over weight

KID essence Xu

Small head

smart, but if its out of proportion can be brain damage (down's)

Big head

swollen brain, shi heat in the brain

Elevated fontanel


xu & cold

Flexible movement of head


Non-stop movement of head

LIV wind

Stiff neck of head

wind cold or stagnation of qi & xue

Shiny & thick hair

normal (KID essence is strong)

Grey / white hair early

KID essence Xu

Grey / white hair @ teen age

shi heat due to too much testosterone

Dry & knotted hair

poor nutrition

Suddenly loss of hair

LQS or Trauma

Patches in the hair

LQS (chemo)

Eyes sparkling & free moving

with shen

Eyes dull & not moving

without shen

Pupil of the eyes reflects what zhang fu


Iris of the eyes reflects what zhang fu



LIV Fire or Damp Heat

Brown Spots in the iris of the eyes reflects what zhang fu

fat deposit

Sclera of the eyes reflects what zhang fu


If color of the eyes becomes RED

LU Heat or LI Heat

Canthus of the eyes reflects what zhang fu


If eye color becomes red w/ yellow discharge

HT heat

Eye Lid of the eyes reflects what zhang fu


If Swollen & soft eyelids of the eyes reflects what zhang fu

SP xu w/Damp

Protruding eyes (hyperthyroidism)

Heat at the LIV

Child has high fever (eye sunken in)

Heat damaging body fluids (LU SP KID become weak)

Red & Swollen eyes (conjunctivitis)

LU Heat (virus / wind heat)

Color of the nose reflects the

GI system (connects to all the GI Meridians)

Tip of nose reflects the


Red nose

heat in the abdomen

Blue & green nose

abdominal pain

Swollen nose

shi water

Swollen + yellow or red nose

damp heat

Swollen & pale nose

damp cold

Alna nasi is flapping

(yang shi) LU heat

White, copious, thin/watery Nasal discharge, no odor

LU qi xu or wind cold (URI, allergies)

Yellow, big/small, thick, odor nasal discharge

wind heat or phlegm heat in LU (URI, sinusitis)

Big mouth

likes to eat

Pink /red & shiny lips


Pale lips

xu (SP qi xu) (cold in SP)

Red lips

Heat @ SP (damp heat usually)

Purple lips

xue Stagnation/Stasis (HT xue stasis, Cold constriction, or LQS)

Swollen lips


Swollen + red lips

shi heat

Swollen + pale lips

shi cold & damp

Atrophy of the lips


Atrophy + pale lips

SP qi xu or qi + xue xu (malnutrition)

Atrophy + yellow + dry lips

xue xu + SP qi xu (hemorrhage- dysfunctional uterine bleeding)

Atrophy + pale + cracks in the lips

yin xu or body fluid xu

xu conditions with the teeth &/or gums

tonify the KID

Shi conditions with the teeth &/or gums

Balance the ST & LI (keep yang (fu) organs open by sedating or purging)

Upper Gums correlate to what Zhang Fu?


Lower Gums correlate to what Zhang Fu?


Pale (dead bone, no luster) teeth or black teeth & dry

KID xu or KID qi exhaustion

Yellow & dry Teeth w/ swelling & red gums

shi heat @ ST & LI (gingivitis or Smoker, or heavy coffee drinker)

Pale teeth with no specific gum pain, with lose teeth sensation

KID xu

The throat reflects the condition of the three organs


Bright red throat

shi (ext wind heat LU or toxic heat in ST)

Pink red Throat

xu heat (KID or LU yin xu)

Swollen Throat

ext wind heat LU or toxic heat in ST

Red, swollen throat with secretions

damp heat or phlegm heat in LU (tonsilitis)

The tip of ear reflects what Zang Fu?


In front of the ear reflects what zang Fu?


Damp or watery discharge

SP & KID disfunction (SP = shi & KID = xu)

Meneres disease (edema in the inner ear)

SP & KID disfunction (SP = shi & KID = xu)

Pale ears

xu or cold

Red at tip of the ears with red veins but the root of the ear is cold

LU heat (measles)

Gray & dark ears

pain, or KID exhaustion (poor prognosis)

Black spots on the ear

cancer (deep xue stasis)

Big, long ear lobes

strong KID - longevity, stronger health (Good essence)

Atrophy of the ear lobes

loss of KID essence

Deep grooves on the ear lobes

obstruction (coronary artery diseases)

Top of the ear atrophy with grey black color with dark spots

xue stasis (Cancer)

Swollen ear lobes


Secretion from the ears

COLOR, QTY, Quality, smell

White, thin, Big qty, no smell Secretion from the ears + fatigue

xu cold (KID qi or yang xu)

Yellow, Big Qty, Thick, Smelly Secretion from the ears + fever

damp heat (SP)

shi earwax

shi heat

Yellow, Big Qty, Thick, Smelly Secretion from the ears + fever + IRRITABILITY

LIV/GB damp heat

Strong muscles

strong SP, QI, & xue

Major Thenar eminence (thumb)

LU & LI master of qi & xue

Swollen Major Thenar eminence


Minor Thenar eminence (pinky)

HT & SI xue circulation & metabolism

Purple or dark Minor Thenar eminence


Green Minor Thenar eminence

GI disorders

Index finger tells you

condition of the LU for kids under 2 years old

which index finger do you observe for Boys

left side of the body (yang side)

which index finger do you observe for Girl

right side of the Body (yin side)

If you can see the radial index finger vein at the Tip of finger

Life (Ming) - Most severe (Tou Guan She Jia - through all gates radiating to the tip of the nail)

If you can see the radial index finger vein at the Middle

Qi (qi) severe/deeper - internal condition

If you can see the radial index finger vein at the Bottom

wind gate (feng) - Mild, usually wind cold or wind heat

Color changes to the the radial index finger vein

normal is slightly red & slightly purple (venules) One single vein

Any changes of color or number of veins


Purple red radial index finger vein


Bright red radial index finger vein

ext syndrome

Greenish color radial index finger vein

pain syndrome / internal wind condition

Pale radial index finger vein


Dark purple the radial index finger vein

xue stasis / severe condition

Pale + thin + shorter radial index finger vein


Thicker / swollen & longer radial index finger vein

heat & shi

Thin & shorter radial index finger vein

xu cold

Slightly deviated radial index finger vein

mild condition

Circled/bended/many branches radial index finger vein

severe conditions

Center of the Palms correlate to what zang fu


Green Center of the Palms

damp heat in the LIV

Red Center of the Palms

heat in HT, PC, LIV

Pale red Center of the Palms

KID xu heat

Daytime Sweat + fatigue + cold body

qi & yang xu

Sweat at night

KID yin xu & HT Qi xu

Sweat when stressed

LIV & HT heat

NAILS are extension of the

sinews (LIV)

Yellow, grey, thick nails & not smooth

damp heat in LIV or SP

Pale, unsmooth nails with ridges, that easily breaks

LIV xue Xu (anemia)

SKIN reflects the condition of

LU, xue (LIV & HT) Connection to emotions & stress

Normal Skin Color

should be normal for race + shiny

Bright Yellow skin

Yang Jaundice (Damp heat) (+sclera & urine will be bright yellow) LIV/GB

Dusky Yellow skin

Yin Jaundice (damp cold) SP & ST

Purple skin

xue stasis

Pale skin

qi & xue xu

Dry skin


skin Swelling that Bounce back from depression

qi stagnation

skin Swelling that when depressed, stays when finger is removed

damp retention (pitting edema)

(Dou chuang) skin rashes with blisters *ex. chicken pox, small pox


Macular Eruptions are

skin color change (flat skin lesion)

Red Maculopapular eruptions

yang macular (roseca)

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