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Human Geography By Berkmar High School K Heglund Quiz 1


an outbreak of a disease that spreads worldwide


Fourth theme of geography as defined by GENIP


The relative ease with which it is possible to reach a certain location from other locations.

Sequent Occupance

The notion that successive societies leave their cultural imprints on a place, each contributing to the cumulative cultural landscape.


The art and science of making maps, including data compilation, layout, and design.

Formal Region

type of region marked by a certain homogenity is one or more phenomena

Functional Region

region defined by the particular set of activities or interactions that occur within it

Perceptual Region

a region that only exist as a conceptualization or idea & not physically demacated enity


The sum total of the knowloedge, attitudes, and habitual behavior patterns shared and transmitted by the members of a society

Stimulus diffusion

a form of diffusion in which a cultural adaptation is created as a result of the introduction of a cultural trait from another place

Contagious diffusion

The distance-controlled spreading of an idea, innovation, or some other item through a local population by contact from person to person - analogous to the communication of a contagious illness.

Hierarchical Diffusion

A form of diffusion in which an idea or innovation spreads by passing first among the most connected places or peoples.

Culture Trait

A single element of normal practice in a culture, such as the wearing of a turban.

Culture Complex

A related set of culture traits, such as prevailing dress codes and cooking and eating utensils.

Cultural Barrier

prevailing cultural attitude rendering certain innovations, ideas or practices unacceptable or unadoptable in that particular culture.

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