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class of nobility which effectively surrendered politcal rights in return for becoming a hereditary officer corps

maria theresa

despotic ruler who was only able to succeed to the throne as a result of the acquiescence of other rulers

glorious revolution

relatively bloodless 17th century upheaval which removed a disliked monarch and ended the threat of absolutism

james 1

17th century whose reign saw civil and religious strife as well as the permanent union of two separate nations


group of thinkers who emphasized fiscal and monetary policy as the best means to advance the welfare of the state as a whole

frederick william 1

monarch whose devotion to militarism and discpline made his state into a highly rigid one socially with the millitary ascendant

leopald 1

ruler during wose reign a unified military was established soldiers all of one ethnic group but whose officers came from various ethnic groups


17th century ruler who overthrew a dynasty to establish a republican form of government which did not last


an 18th century publicist responsible for the creation of a multi volume compendium of knowledge


a rationalist thinker who attacked society advocating freedorm of speech and thought but feeling that only the few could rule

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