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  1. States' Debts
  2. John Adams
  3. precedent
  4. One of the first jobs of Congress
  5. Three levels of federal court system
  1. a First Vice President.
  2. b action or decision that serves as an example for later generations.
  3. c Hamilton wanted the federal government to pay for most of this debt.
  4. d To organize the parts of the Executive and Judicial branches of government.
  5. e District Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court.

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  1. Legislation passed by Congress that created the federal court system
  2. places to deposit money for safekeeping, places which make loans. They pay interest on deposits and charge interest on loans.
  3. certificates that represent money owed.
  4. the area of government that prints U.S Coins
  5. First Secretary of the Treasury.

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  1. How U.S. Capital was located in WashingtonSouthern states supported states debt repayment plan (which paid mostly northern states) in exchange for placing capital closer to the south.


  2. speculatorsPopulation of American in 1790.


  3. $11.7 millionamount of money owed by the U.S. to foreigners after the Revolutionary War.


  4. 4 millionPopulation of American in 1790.


  5. lower tariffsFirst Vice President.