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  1. How U.S. Capital was located in Washington
  2. Jefferson's view on economic growth
  3. Three levels of federal court system
  4. Bank of the United States
  5. Thomas Jefferson
  1. a First Secretary of State.
  2. b Southern states supported states debt repayment plan (which paid mostly northern states) in exchange for placing capital closer to the south.
  3. c District Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court.
  4. d He thought farming was important because farms were independent works who could vote in a purer manner
  5. e This was the basis for the argument between loose and strict construction. Hamilton and loose construction won, the bank was created and it offered economic stability for the next 20 years which helped the economy.

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  1. certificates that represent money owed.
  2. Amount of states' debt.
  3. To organize the parts of the Executive and Judicial branches of government.
  4. First Vice President.
  5. Hamilton wanted the federal government to pay for most of this debt.

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  1. Alexander HamiltonFirst Secretary of the Treasury.


  2. strict constructiona way of interpreting the constitution that allows the federal government to take actions that the Constitution does not specifically forbid it from taking. Hamilton supported that in the argument about creating a national bank (which he supported)


  3. precedentThe various department heads under the President.


  4. Hamilton vs. JeffersonThey had conflict over the type of federal government which existed, Hamilton wanted a strong central government, Jefferson wanted to protect the powers of the states.


  5. U.S. MintThe various department heads under the President.


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