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  1. Jefferson's view on economic growth
  2. Hamilton's plan to repay debt
  3. precedent
  4. U.S. Mint
  5. $11.7 million
  1. a amount of money owed by the U.S. to foreigners after the Revolutionary War.
  2. b Pay the bonds back in the full amount but over a period of time.
  3. c action or decision that serves as an example for later generations.
  4. d the area of government that prints U.S Coins
  5. e He thought farming was important because farms were independent works who could vote in a purer manner

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  1. Where Washington was sworn into office.
  2. Hamilton saw this as a way to help promote manufacturing and business in the United States.
  3. District Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court.
  4. The various department heads under the President.
  5. a commercial bank chartered by the federal government. The "Bank of the United States" was one. It gave the government a place to safely deposit its' money.

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  1. Hamilton vs. JeffersonFirst Secretary of State.


  2. Concern of George WashingtonShe had to entertain guests and attend social events as the First Lady.


  3. Electoral Collegea group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president


  4. Judiciary Act of 1789Legislation passed by Congress that created the federal court system


  5. role of banksplaces to deposit money for safekeeping, places which make loans. They pay interest on deposits and charge interest on loans.