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  1. First Capital of the United States
  2. Jefferson's objection to Hamilton's plan to repay debt.
  3. lower tariffs
  4. national bank
  5. protective tariff
  1. a He thought it was unfair to the original bond holders, many of whom sold their bonds to speculators at a price below full value.
  2. b Jefferson was in favor of these, he wanted smaller government and lower taxes.
  3. c a tax that raised the prices on foreign products.
  4. d New York City.
  5. e a commercial bank chartered by the federal government. The "Bank of the United States" was one. It gave the government a place to safely deposit its' money.

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  1. way of interpreting the Constitution that allows the federal government to take only those actions the Constitution specifically says it can take. Jefferson supported it in the argument about creating a national bank (which he did not support)
  2. Population of American in 1790.
  3. a group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
  4. First Secretary of the Treasury.
  5. They had conflict over the type of federal government which existed, Hamilton wanted a strong central government, Jefferson wanted to protect the powers of the states.

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  1. loose constructiona way of interpreting the constitution that allows the federal government to take actions that the Constitution does not specifically forbid it from taking. Hamilton supported that in the argument about creating a national bank (which he supported)


  2. Martha WashingtonPopulation of American in 1790.


  3. John AdamsFirst Vice President.


  4. $25 millionPopulation of American in 1790.


  5. speculatorsaction or decision that serves as an example for later generations.