Chest Pain

1. Have you taken your medications today?
2. Have you taken your nitro?
3. When did you take your last nitro and how much?
4. Do you have any pain upon palpation?
5. Does your pain get worse when you take a deep breath?
6. Does the pain increase when you move?
7. Have you had any recent traumatic events?
8. Are you experiencing any nausea or vomiting?
9. When was the last time you ate?
10. Have you had any recent illnesses?
11. Any recent cough lately?
12. Have you passed out recently?

Shortness of Breath

1. Do you have any chest pain associated with this?
2. Which came first the SOB or CP?
3. How long has this been going on for?
4. Has this ever happened to you before?
5. What happened last time?
6. Were you seen at the hospital for this?
7. What did the hospital diagnose you with?
8. Does this feel the same as last time you had SOB?
9. Have you been sick?
10. Do you have a cough?
11. Is the cough productive what color is it?
12. Does anything make your SOB better or worse?
13. Have you ever been intubated before?
14. How do you sleep at night?
15. Have you had a fever recently?

Abdominal Pain

1. Are you experiencing any nausea or vomiting?
2. What color was your vomit?
3. What was the last thing you have eaten?
4. Do you drink alcohol and how much?
5. How has your urine output been?
6. Has your urine been normal color?
7. Has there been an unusual smell to your urine?
8. Has there been any blood in your urine?
9. Have you had pain while urinating?
10. When was your last bowel movement?
11. How was the consistency?
12. Have you had any blood in your bowel movement?


1. When is your menstrual period?
2. Are you in your menstrual cycle right now?
3. Is the flow normal heavy or light?
4. Is there any chance you could be pregnant?
5. Are you sexually active?
6. When is your due date?
7. When was your last menstrual cycle?
8. How many times have you been pregnant? (G)
9. How many children have you had? (P)
10. Have you had prenatal care?
11. Are there any expected complications?
12. Are you having contractions?
13. How long are they lasting?
14. How long in between contractions?
15. Has your bag of waters broke?
16. Any mucous plug?
17. Any bleeding?
18. Do you feel an urge to push?


Alcohol, Acidosis, Anoxia
Epilepsy, Environment
Insulin (Diabetes)
Uremia (Metabolic), Under-dose
Trauma, Toxins, Tumors
Infection (Sepsis)
Psychiatric Disorders
Stroke (CVA)

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