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Religion 3rd quarter exam questions

Who were the First to bring the Catholic faith to the New World?
Spanish missionaries
Which conflict drove the French missionaries out of their lands in Nova Scotia?
French & Indian War
What were the restrictions on Catholics in the British colonies?
couldn't serve political offices; required to support Protestant churches & couldn't build their own schools; priests threatened & outlawed in certain colonies
How were Catholics involved in the Revolutionary War?
fought for religious freedoms
What were Catholic attitudes towards the Civil War?
some were for it, some were against it
How were Catholic immigrants perceived between 1830 and the Civil War?
500,000 in 1830 to 3,100,000 in 1860
Why was Americanism problematic for the Catholic Church?
called for suppression of traditional Catholic virtues; separation of church & state
Which two ethnic groups in the early 20th century tried to hold onto their national identities through their parishes?
Polish & Italians
When during the 20th century did Catholics finally achieve economic and social equality with their fellow citizens?
How did the Church address the sexual abuse scandal that hit in 2002?
approved "A Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People"; issued tough policies to be applied to priests, deacons, and other Church personnel against whom charges of sexual impropriety are made
What is the largest missionary order in the United States today?
What were some of the major sins committed by Christians for which Pope John Paul II asked forgiveness on behalf of the Church?
persecution & trial of Galileo; violation of women's rights; crusaders' attacks on Constantinople; apologized for hatred, persecution, & display of anti-semitism committed by Christians against the Jews through the ages
What did Pope John Paul II do for the Polish people in the late 1980s?
helped bring down the communist regimes in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s; inspired Polish people to nonviolently resist communism through the Solidarity labor movement
What were the ecumenical efforts of Pope John Paul II?
frequently met with other religious leaders; opened diplomatic relations with Israel; published documents calling for the union of Catholics and orthodox churches
What have been some of Pope Benedict XVI's major accomplishments?
issued apostolic letter renewing the Latin Mass; removed all restrictions for praying Mass according to 1962 Roman Missal; tried to restore Catholic identity, especially in Europe; worked to correctly implement Vatican II changes; made strides in ecumenical efforts, particularly Anglican Ordinate