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fors fortis

f. accident, chance, luck, fortune

vinco vincere vici victus

conquer, defeat, succeed, overcome

adduco adducere adduxi adductus

bring up/to, lead, persuade

flecto flectere flexi flexus

bend, curve, bow

fortis forte fortior

strong, powerful, mighty, vigorous

decet decere decuit

become/adorn/grace, it is fitting

umerus -i

m. upper arm, shoulder

vulnus vulneris

n. mental/emotional hurt, wound

premo premere pressi pressus

oppress, overwhelm, press

sagitta -ae

f. arrow

fax facis

f. flame of love, torch, fire

arcus arcus

m. arch, bow

cedo cedere cessi cessus

give in, withdraw

elido elidere elisi elisus

crush out, destroy, break, shatter

pharetra -ae

f. quiver

plumbum -i

n. lead

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