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Key used to estimate distances on a map

Map Scale

What you give up to get something you want

Opportunity Cost

Work done for others


Waterway used for transportation


exchange of goods




Quantity ready for use


More than needed


What is Zane's Trace?

Road designed so people can take crops to the market

What is National Road?

This road is for crops

What were canals and why were they important?

They are waterways used for transportation and they were important because it made it easier to get crops to the markets.

What 2 lake/river was connected by the Ohio-Erie Canal?

1.Lake Erie
2.Ohio River

What are 2 things do you use to transport goods?

1. Keelboats
2. Flatboat

What made canal transportation quicker?


What started in Cumberland,Maryland to Wheeling?

The National Road

What was built from 1825 to 1835?

The National Road

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