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figurative language

a tool that an author uses to help the reader visualize what is happening in a story or poem


a comparison using like or as, usually compares two dissimilar objects


states that one thing is something else, comparison that does not use like or as to make the comparison


imitation of natural sounds in word form, they help form mental pictures about the things, people, or places described


an expression that has meaning apart from the meaning of its individual words, literal meaning is different than how we interpret it


the repetition of the initial consonant, at least two in a row


giving human qualities, feelings, actions, or characteristics to inanimate objects


often confused with a simile or metaphor because it often compares two objects, the difference is it is an exaggeration


involves one or more of your five senses, the use of vivid language usually rich in sensory words to create pictures or images in the readers mind


saying one thing by the meaning opposites, usually expressed in positive words but does blame, can be an event or situation in which the result is the opposite of the expected

Narrative Poem

tells a story, can be real or fictional, also can be about famous, can rhyme or free verse

Free Verse

no strict verse pattern and does not rhyme, can express feelings, emotions, and ideas into an imaginative way


five line poem, the first , second, and fifth rhyme and have three beats to rhythm, the third and forth rhyme and have 2 beats to rhythm- often silly and humorous

lyric poetry

like songs and have a musical quality about them- can rhyme or be in free verse

cinquain poem

poem with five lines-usually has a surprise at the last line- have 2 different patterns
1- number of words per line (word pattern)
2- number of syllables per line ( syllable pattern)


categorized by language, content and form, usually about nature- there are two different forms
1-(English) 5/7/5 syllables
2- (Japanese) 17 syllables


arranged in a diamond shape, each line has a specific word pattern to follow- there are seven lines in a diamante poem

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