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History Dates-Midterm

2000 BC
Aegean civilization rise/ Minoans flourish in Crete
1100 BC
decline of Egypt/ Kingdom of Cush rise
753 BC
founding of Rome
700 BC
Hellenistic Age of Greece begins
509 BC
Roman republic established
431-404 BC
Peloponnesian War
30 BC
Octavian is first Roman emperor/ Pax Romana begins
AD 35
Ethiopean eunuch conversion-first African Christian
AD 476
Western Roman Empire ends
AD 700
North Africa overrun by Islam
2000 BC
Indus River Valley civilization rise
1850 BC
Hebrews sojurn in Egypt
1580 BC
New Kingdom established/ Egyptian civilization height
1500 BC
Huang He Valley civilization in China
1100 BC
New Kingdom collapse/ Egypt declines/ foreign invasions into Egypt begin
332-323 BC
Alexander conquers Egypt/ Ptolemy and Hellenistic dynasty
30 BC
Egypt conquered by Rome
AD 320-535
Gupta dynasty in India/ Golden Age of India
AD 1200s-1368
Genghis Khan's Mongol empire/ Chinese Yuan dynasty/ Marco Polo visits the Orient
4000 BC
2300 BC
Sumerian civilization height/ Abram's call
2000 BC
Abram called from Ur/ Epic of Gilgamesh/ Amorites and Elamites conquer Sumer
1500 BC
Sinai Script/ Exodus/ 10 Commandments
1015-975 BC
King Solomon's reign
721 BC
Assyrians conquer Northern Israel
612 BC
Ninevah falls
586 BC
Nebuchadnezzar destroys Jerusalem/ Babylonian captivity
AD 500
Roman Empire collapse
AD 1500
Renaissance/ Reformation