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Which term below is the proposed kingdom that would include embryophytes and charophyceans?

( Some plant biologists now argue that the boundaries of the plant kingdom (Plantae) should be expanded to include the green algae most closely related to plants—the charophyceans and a few related groups.)

Seedless plants include _____.

bryophytes, ferns, and horsetails
( Seedless plants include nonvascular plants, such as mosses, liverworts, and hornworts, and vascular plants, such as lycophytes, ferns, horsetails, and whisk ferns.)

The closest algal relatives of land plants are _____.

( These green algae and plants share many homologous features.)

In seedless plants, a fertilized egg will develop into _____.

a sporophyte
( The fertilized egg will develop into a sporophyte that releases haploid spores.)

The diploid generation of the plant life cycle always _____.

produces spores
( The diploid generation of the plant life cycle always produces spores.)

All of the following structures may be a part of a bryophyte's life cycle except _____.

( Megaphylls are a type of branched leaf. Bryophytes do not have true leaves.)

Most bryophytes, such as mosses, differ from all other plants in that they _____.

lack vascular tissue
( The bryophytes generally lack vascular tissue, which all other plants have.)

In contrast to bryophytes, in vascular plants the dominant stage of the life cycle is the _____.

( The diploid sporophyte generation is dominant in vascular plants; in bryophytes the haploid gametophyte generation is dominant.)

During the Carboniferous period, forests consisting mainly of ____ produced vast quantities of organic matter, which was buried and later became coal.

ferns and other seedless plants
( These were the dominant plant types of the time.)

Sori can be found in which of the following?

( Sori are the small structures under leaf fronds from which spores are released.)

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