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  1. Contemn
  2. Apostate
  3. Accolade
  4. Apotheosis
  5. Belie
  1. a an expression of praise; an award (elogio, honor, galardon)
  2. b deification; glorification to godliness, the perfect example
  3. c to scorn or despise
  4. d one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions; a betrayer of a cause
  5. e to give a false impresion of, to misrepresent

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  1. loud, noisy, rough, lacking restraint
  2. one blindly devoted to a group of which one is a member
  3. to coax with flattery, toady or fawn
  4. cause of injury; source of harm; source of persistent frustration
  5. to bless, make happy or ascribe a virtue to; to regard as saintly

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  1. Censurecause of injury; source of harm; source of persistent frustration


  2. Coloran established set of principles or code of laws, often religious in nature


  3. Adumbrateto abolish or anul by authority; to put down


  4. Cajoleto sponge, beg, or mooch


  5. Arcaneto suspend; to engage; to hold one's attention