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  1. Caustic
  2. Anodyne
  3. Boor
  4. Chary
  5. Choleric
  1. a burning or stinging; causing corrosion
  2. b a rude or insensitive person; lout, yokel
  3. c soothing
  4. d wary, cautious; sparing
  5. e tending toward anger

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  1. to lessen in intensity or degree (disminuir)
  2. bring up, announce, begin to talk about
  3. to abolish or anul by authority; to put down
  4. to tolerate, endure, countenance
  5. to scorn or despise

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  1. Commensurateto come together, to fuse or unite


  2. Bucolicto change as if by dyeing, influence, distort or gloss over


  3. Cacophonyharsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance


  4. Astringentto suspend; to engage; to hold one's attention


  5. Chastento chastise or correct; subdue