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  1. Cacophony
  2. Burgeon
  3. Chary
  4. Archaic
  5. Canon
  1. a an established set of principles or code of laws, often religious in nature
  2. b to grow rapidly or to flourish
  3. c outdated; associated with an earlier perhaps more primitive time
  4. d wary, cautious; sparing
  5. e harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance

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  1. an insertion mark (^) used by editors and proofreaders
  2. rustic, pastoral; characteristics of rural areas and their inhabitants
  3. tending toward anger
  4. a universally recognized principle; a generally accepted or common saying
  5. carefree, merry

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  1. Cogentan insertion mark (^) used by editors and proofreaders


  2. Bentcause of injury; source of harm; source of persistent frustration


  3. Apprisegive notice to; inform


  4. Arrantto suspend; to engage; to hold one's attention


  5. Byzantineto bless, make happy or ascribe a virtue to; to regard as saintly


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