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to tell a story that have characters, a setting, and other types of symbols that have abstract ideas


the repetition of a consonant
ex. As I nodded, nearly napping.


Reference to a person, place, or thing that is well- known


is the force that works against the main character. It may be another character within the main character


The repetition of a vowel within 2 or more words.
ex. I like to bite five french fries at a time


the different ways the writer expresses a character: through words, actions, etc.


the repetition of a constant sound within and at the end of words.


When explaining a quote "in context," you are explaining what is going on in the scene.


A figure of speech where the truth is exaggerated extremely.


when you compare 2 different things that have 1 thing in common.


figure of speech that contains contradictory terms
ex. Icy Hot. Jumbo Shrimp. etc


human like qualities transferred through an animal, object, etc.


Technique that combines critical ideas and attitude with humor ex. exaggeration


figure of speech that uses key words like "like or as"

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