13 terms

Ty-science terms ChE2

continental rise
stretches from lower portion of continental slope to deepest part of ocean
continental shelf
where the ocean begins, covers 5% of earth's surface, extends in gtentle downward slope from edge of continents into ocean
continental edge
point at which the shelf surrounding each continent begins to angle sharply downward toward ocean depts
continental slope
clifflike drop beyond continental edge
free-standing mountaints formed by volcanoes
abyssal plain
ocean bottom; covers 46% of Earth's surface
mid-ocean ridge
colossal chain of underwater mountains, longest mountain range in workd (36,000 miles) passing thru Atlantic, Indian, Pacific Oceans
deep, narrow opening where ocean floor goes dowm
rift valley
deep valley (like a mountain valley) between hills in the ocean
volcanic island
volcano surrounded by water
large land mass
dry land which meets at the edge of ocean shore
flat topped seamount