14 terms

MS Excel Chapter 3

Office Clipboard
A reserved place in the computer's memory that allows you to collect text and graphics from and Office document and then paste them into almost any other type of document.
Drag and Drop
Using the mouse to move or copy cells.
The error message Excel displays to indicate there is a reference error.
Format Symbol
Excel immediately displays a number with an assigned format.
Freeze Titles
Excel displays the titles on the screen, no matter how far down or to the right you scroll.
Date Stamp
Shows the date the workbook, report, or other document was created or the period it represents.
NOW Function
Returns a number that corresponds to the system date and time beginning with December 31, 1899.
Absolute Cell Reference
Instructs Excel to keep the cell reference constant in the formula as it copies it to the destination area.
Relative Cell Reference
Instructs Excel to adjust the cell reference as it copies it to the destination area.
Mixed Cell Reference
A cell reference with only one dollar sign before either the column or the row.
IF Function
Useful when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test.
Sparkline Chart
Provides a simple way to show trends and variations in a range of data within a single cell.
Chart Sheet
A sheet that contains only the chart.
Data Series
The data that determines the size of the slices in a pie chart.