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Segunda lista de nuestro cuento de primavera - abril de 2110


To show/to teach

Bajar de

to get off (bus, train, etc.)

La muchedumbre

the crowd

Subir A un vehículo

To board/get on a vehicle

Estar asustado

to be scared

Asustar a alguien

to scare/frighten someone

Enojar a alguien

To anger someone

Estar enojado de algo

To be annoyed about something


to get angry with oneself

Estar cabizbajo

To be downcast/really sad

El algodón


Conocido/desconocido (adj)

Familiar and Unfamiliar - known/unknown

EstremecerSE (de alegría/anticipación

To tremble (with joy/anticipation)

Brincar de alegría

To jump for joy

Tocar la trompeta

To play the trumpet

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