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CRT 120 Quiz Ch. 6

The Advanced Boot Options menu gives you access to:
diagnostic modes (safe mode) & utilities
The utility used to check device driver files for Microsoft certification is:
Use the Vista ______ tool to test RAM.
memory diagnostics
The "Last Known Good Configuration" tool:
copies an old copy of the registry over the latest copy of the registry
Where do we go in Windows to rollback device drivers?
Device manager
Driver verifier is a tool that runs in the background and _____.
puts stress on Windows drivers
"Signed" files are those files the end-user has verified as unaltered by using anti-virus or anti-malware software.
System File Checker checks all files on the OS volume.
For XP Error Reporting to work correctly the computer must have access to the Internet.
If you can not access Safe Mode in Windows XP then which tool can you use to continue troubleshooting?
recovery console
To see which drivers fail to load on startup you should enable boot logging. (true or false)
In Windows Vista and 7 the recovery console has been replace by what?
recovery environment
The recovery console can only be accessed by having previously installed it on your computer. (true or false)