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  1. creditor
  2. deregulation
  3. equilibrium price
  4. diminishing returns
  5. double taxation
  1. a price where quantity supplied equals quantity demanded;price that clears the market
  2. b relaxation or removal of government regulations on business activities
  3. c feature of taxation that allows stockholders dividends to be taxed both as corporate profit and as personal income
  4. d stage of production where output increases at a decreasing rate as more units of variable input are added
  5. e person or institution to whom money is owed

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  1. prohibition on the export or import of a product
  2. organized way a society provides for the wants and needs of its people
  3. form of business organization recognized by law as a seperate legal entity with all the rights and responsibilities of an induvidual, including the right to buy & sell property, enter into legal contracts, and be sued
  4. set of assumptions in a table, graph, or equations used to describe or explain economic behaviors
  5. division of work into a number of seperate tasks to be performed by different workers; same as specialization

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  1. cyclical unemploymentunemployment directly related to swings in a business cycle


  2. economicsthe goods and services that a nation produces and then sells to other nations


  3. customs dutyinterest rate that the federal reserve system charges on loans to the nation's financial institution


  4. depressiongradual wear on capital goods during production


  5. exportsthe goods and services that a nation produces and then sells to other nations