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  1. masquearde
  2. scrupulous
  3. sedate
  4. seminal
  5. rhetoric
  1. a adj. calm; quiet
  2. b adj. conscientious and exact; having principles
  3. c n. persuasive or artful use of language
  4. d v. to wear a disguige; to put on a false appearance
  5. e adj. original and inspiring further similarefforts

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  1. n. a person who writes or compiles dictionaries
  2. v. to dislike something greatly
  3. n. exactly the right word or expression
  4. n. a feeling uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt
  5. adj. having both male female characteristics

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  1. and the buildings that are on it


  2. hymnn. a large, orten scholarly book


  3. discordn. conflict or disargeement


  4. graveadj. serious; dignified; formal


  5. trivialadj. serious; dignified; formal


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