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  1. misogyny
  2. putative
  3. cavalcade
  4. tome
  5. hymn
  1. a n. an order of events; a procession
  2. b n. hatred of women
  3. c adj. put forth or accepted as true on inadequate grounds; supposed
  4. d n. a religious song; a song of praise
  5. e n. a large, orten scholarly book

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  1. adj. dryly humorous, with a touch of irony
  2. n. exactly the right word or expression
  3. v. to wear a disguige; to put on a false appearance
  4. v. to have an effect on something, esp. a negative one; to enroach
  5. n. perfect happiness

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  1. clemencyadj. original and inspiring further similarefforts


  2. sheeradj. transparently thin; complete, unmixed; nearly vertical


  3. obfuscatev. to make diffucult to understand; to make indistinct


  4. augmentn. mercy, or leniency towards an offender


  5. lexicographerv. to read or interpret something confusing or illegible; to convert from a code