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  1. rhetoric
  2. bask
  3. mot juste
  4. scrupulous
  5. myraid
  1. a adj. conscientious and exact; having principles
  2. b n. an indifinitely large number
  3. c n. exactly the right word or expression
  4. d n. persuasive or artful use of language
  5. e v. to enjoy a warm or pleasant feeling

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  1. n. a large, orten scholarly book
  2. adj. original and inspiring further similarefforts
  3. n. a general longing for the past or to return home
  4. v. to horrify
  5. adj. transparently thin; complete, unmixed; nearly vertical

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  1. hymnn. a religious song; a song of praise


  2. augmentn. mercy, or leniency towards an offender


  3. bustlev. to settle down


  4. charlatanadj. twisted; knotty


  5. subsidev. to settle down