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  1. premises
  2. wry
  3. misogyny
  4. bliss
  5. mot juste
  1. a adj. dryly humorous, with a touch of irony
  2. b n. exactly the right word or expression
  3. c n. hatred of women
  4. d and the buildings that are on it
  5. e n. perfect happiness

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  1. n. a fake; one who pretends to have expert knowledge
  2. adj. conscientious and exact; having principles
  3. v. to make diffucult to understand; to make indistinct
  4. adj. calm; quiet
  5. n. a person who writes or compiles dictionaries

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  1. threadbareadj. calm; quiet


  2. nostalgiav. to lessen pain or distress


  3. apocryphaladj. probably untrue or true; of questionable authorship


  4. androgynousadj. having both male female characteristics


  5. cavalcaden. an order of events; a procession


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