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  1. anthropocentric
  2. nostalgia
  3. putative
  4. premises
  5. tome
  1. a adj. interpreting everything in terms of human experience and values
  2. b and the buildings that are on it
  3. c n. a general longing for the past or to return home
  4. d adj. put forth or accepted as true on inadequate grounds; supposed
  5. e n. a large, orten scholarly book

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  1. v. to reveal or make known
  2. v. to settle a dispute or a fight between two parties
  3. n. a feeling uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt
  4. n. a religious song; a song of praise
  5. v. to read or interpret something confusing or illegible; to convert from a code

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  1. seminaladj. original and inspiring further similarefforts


  2. wryn. a large, orten scholarly book


  3. androgynousadj. having both male female characteristics


  4. gnarledadj. serious; dignified; formal


  5. masqueardev. to lessen pain or distress