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Final Chapter 7+28

chapter 7 and 28
A holistic model for patient education means designing a patient teaching plan that focuses on the patient's disease without concern for the patients ability to pay for care. true or false?
If a patient is in pain, it is best to get the patient teaching session completed immediately so that the patient can go home and rest. true or false?
Nonverbal communication is important when intereacting with patients who have a language barrier. true or false?
Lecture is an effective method for teaching a patient with diabetes how to give insulin injections. true or false?
Providing an 83 year old patient with a video tape about diabetes is an effective teaching method. true or false?
Teaching interventions should be postponed if the patient is extremely anxious or agitated. true or false?
Demonstration/return demonstration is an exellent method for teaching a patient how to change a dressing. true or false?
Which model analyzes what people believe to be true about themselves and their health?
The health belief model
During which stage of grief does the patient grieve the loss of health and is very sad about the diagnosis?
The following therapeudic interaction for a patient in grief would best aid which of the symptoms listen in the answer? Reinforce each education intervention with handouts that explain the disease and treatment. Encourage the patient's family to attend physician office visits and be involved in the patient's care.
Denial and isolation
Which of the following factors will affect a pateitn's learning
Perception of the disease, patient age, emotional state and learning style (All of the above)
Standing infront of the patient or within the field of vision before you begin speaking would be helpful for which of the following patients?
A patient with hearing loss
All written material should be in large font orl arge print for which patient?
A pateint with vision loss
Which of the following is NOT a guideline to follow when develpping or ordering educational supplies?
The material should promote specific pharmaceutical companies.
Patient factors that have an impact on learning include the patient's ______ of disease versus that actual state of disease
The holistic model suggest patient education should consider all aspects of patient life, including the _______, psychologic, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs.
Essential factors in ______ management for the ambulatory care setting include conducting adequate patient education and follow-up.
Providing adequate, correct, understandable information to patients is integral to the ______ consent mandate within the patient's Bill of Rights.
It is important that the medical assistant be aware of the various _____ available in the community for patient education and referral.
Both videotapes and internet sites allow patient learning to be self-directed and ______
Material should be written in lay language at a ________ grade level to promote general patient understanding.
sixth to eigth grade
Copies of teaching materials should be available in other ______ when possible.
One of the major problems with delivering high-quality patient education in the ambulatory setting is lack of _____
Often the key to patient understanding and _____ is involvement of family members.
Describe the role of the medical assistant as the patient educator.
The role is to reinforce physician instructions and info by encouraging patients to take an active role in their health; using teaching moments effectively; keeping info relevant to the topic; establishing and maintaining patient rapport; communicating clearly; being aware of learning factors; and being flexible with the teaching plan.
The willful and unlawful use of force or violence on the person of another is called assault. true or false?
The Code of Federal Regulations delineates rules and regulations published in the Federal Register b y the various departments and agencies of the federal government. true or false?
The science and philosophy of law is called jurisprudence. true or false?
Much of our law is based on previous judical and jury decisions called ordinances. true or false?
Only the defense has the right to appeal a court decision to a higher level. true or false?
The term medical professional liability encompasses all possible civil liability that can be incurred during the delivery of medical care. true or false?
When a wrongful death lawsuit is filed, the person who died is often called the decedent. true or false?
Healthcare professionals are required to report child abuse only when they have concrete evidence that abuse has taken place. true or false?
A physician who discontinues his or her medical practice must return triplicate prescription forms to DEA. true or false?
If a donor has not indicated that her or she wishes to donate oragans during their life, organs cannot be harvested after death. true or false?
OSHA requires that handicapped individuals be able to easily enter and exit buildings and be able to travel from floor to floor in multistory buildings. true or false?
The formal action of a legislative body is called an appeal. true or false?
Things happening at the same time are happening concurrently. true or false?
Municipal courts are those representing counties. true or false?
Civil cases must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. true or false?
A writeen defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly favorable impression is called liable. true or false?
In most cases, convicted felons cannot vote, hold public office, or possess a firearm. true or false?
Lawsuits must be filed in the court that has jurisdiction over the case. true or false?
Special damages are injuries that are not a necessary consequence of a physician's negligent act or omission. true or false?
Adults who have been found by a court to be insane or incompetent can still consent to a medical treatment in almost all cases. true or false?
Local governments create and enact ______
Criminal law governs violations of the law that are punishable as offenses against ______
The state or government
Respondeat superior is a Latin term meaning _____
"Let the master answer."
Considered the most serious crime, an offense to overthrow the government is classified as an _______
Act of treason
A minor crime is called a ________
Major crimes, such as rape, murder, and burglary are classified as a _______
Medical liability cases can stem from ____
a breach of trust on the part of the physician, a breach of trust on the part of the patient, some type of miscommunication between the patient and physician (All of the above)
A list of questions from one party of a lawsuit to another party in a lawsuit is called an ______
The pretrial disclosure of pertinent facts or documents by one or both parties in a legal action is called ______
Generally, a subpoena duces tecum should be filed no less than ____ days before a trial
The performance of an act that is wholly wrongful and unlawful is called ____
The failure to perform an act that should have been performed is called _____
Negligence must be _____
A physician who fails to obtain consent before treating a patient could be charged with _____
A set of laws designed to standardize electronic data exchange and protect health information is _____
Which of the following elements is neccassary for informed consent
Patient's diagnosis if known, risks and benefits of the procedure or treatment and alternative treatments (all of the above)
A person who represents a minor in legal situations is called _____
gaurdian ad litem
The most sacred trust that patients place in the hands of physicians and their staffs is
Which of the following conditions does NOT support a minor being classified by thecourts as emancipated?
Desires to enter the armed forces
which agency regulates the Controlled Substances Act?
The drugs scheduled _____ are considered to have the highest potential for abuse.
Which of the following is not true about organ donations?
The recipient's physicians can certify the death of the donor.
Which of these sets of regulations contains the general duty clause?
Public medical facilities must allow persons with disabilities to easily and safetly ____
Move from floor to floor
Which of these might be considered grounds for revocation of a medical license?
Conviction of a crime, unprofessional conduct, personal or professional incapacity. (all of the above)
To withdraw protection or support or to discontinue medical care without proper notice is called ____
The person bringing a care or legal action to court is the _____
Presumed consent is also called _____ consent
Something that has significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand is _____
A solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath is called _____
Which of the following is NOT a type of civil law
How many cases are hard by the Supreme Court each year?
80 to 90
The person who keeps order in a courtroom is the _____
The benefits of HIPAA include
Lower administrative costs
Which of the following tests are exempt from CLIA standards for medical assistants?
Urine pregnancy testing, Spun hematocrit testing, dispstick urinalysis (all of the above)
Which of the following is NOT a requirement for a contract to be valid and legal?
The contract must be in writing
The improper performance of a lawful act is called ____
Which of the following is NOT a standard of care that physicians are expected to uphold?
Take the advice of consulting physicians
Licensure for physicians cannot be obtained through ____
A sum imposed as punishment for an offense is called _____
Municipal regulations are also called _____
_____ is a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official.
The pretense of curing disease is called _____
A patients chart is considered to be _____ evidence.
To agree to something after thoughtful consideration is called _____.
A _____ is a list of legal cases to be tried.
Something marked by wisdom or judiciousness is said to be ____
The finding or decision of a jury on a matter submitted to it in trial is called _____
A ____ is something done or said that serves as an example or rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act of the same kind.
Turning to something or someone for help or protection is called _____
____ are types of testimony that are not limited to parties in lawsuits.
_____ negligence exists when the patien contributes to his or her own condition.
Failure to perform a duty is called _____
Consent, usually written, that states understanding of what treatment is to be undertaken and the risks involved with such treatment, is called ____ consent.
The Honorable John _____ is the Cheif Justice of the Supreme Court.
The only femal Justice of the current Supreme Court is Ruth Bader ___
Civil cases must be proven by a _____ of the evidence.
_____ is an alternative to trial that uses a third party to hear evidence and make a decision.
______ damages are small awards that are token compensation for invasion of a legal right in which no actual injury was suffered.