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  1. Competent nurse
  2. Adaptation Theory
  3. Advanced beginner nurse
  4. Systems theory
  5. Paradigm (aka conceptual model)
  1. a interrelated definitions and concepts that are organized for viewing phenomenon specific to nursing.
  2. b helps the nurse understand the ability of living things to adjust (or adapt) in response to continuous internal and external stimuli.
  3. c level 3, can multitask, plan and set goals, has ability to think abstractly and analytically.
  4. d level 2, considered the new graduate nurse who demonstrates marginally acceptable performance relies more on experienced nurses.
  5. e defines the interdependence of environments in and around us. all parts of a system are connected, and a change in one part of the whole will have an effect on another. (Ludwig von Bertallanaffy)

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  1. integrated set of concepts and statements that can be used to explain, describe, predict, or control a phenomenon. may be inductive or deductive reasoning (PP page 2)
  2. are the building blocks of a nursing theory that is initiated, based on a personal philosophy or belief about nursing, and may be abstract or concrete.
  3. general to specific
    1. All members of Class A are purple.
    2. Mary is a member of Class A.
    3. Therefore, Mary is purple
  4. for example Maslow's Theory of the Hierarchy of Needs, Erickson's Theory of Psychosocial Development; both teach nurses that all systems in the human body are interdependent.
  5. (focused on relationship btw nurse and patient) encouraged autonomy through interlocking and overlapping phases: preorientation, orientation, working, and termination

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  1. Role theoryhelps you, as a nurse, function therapeutically in interactions and helps you understand behaviors in your patients, their families, and yourself.


  2. Sister Callista Roy/ Roy adaptation modelgoal of nursing is to promote adaptive responses through a six-step nursing process.


  3. Novice nurselevel 1, student nurse or a skilled nurse being placed in an unfamiliar area


  4. Florence Nightingalelevel 4, is able to see the whole (rather than the parts) of a situation, recognizes subtle changes, and focuses on the long-term goals.


  5. What are the six steps to Roys adaptation model?goal of nursing is to promote adaptive responses through a six-step nursing process.