manifest destiny

manifest destiny
the belief that the U.S. was meant to expand to the Pacific Ocean
mountain men
American adventurers and fur trappers who spent most of their time in the Rocky Mountains
conestoga wagon
sturdy vehicle topped with white canvas and used by pioneers to move west
a Spanish mission and site of a famous battle
erie canal
a 363-mile-long artificial waterway connecting the Hudson River with Lake Erie, built between 1817 and 1825
trail of tears
forced journey of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to a region west of the Mississippi during which thousands of Cherokees died
mormon migration
gold rush
a period from1848 to 1856 when thousands of people came to California in order to search for gold.
luisiana purchase
bought land extending westward from mississippi river to roughly rocky mountains for 15 million dollars
lewis and clark
Two explorers sent by the president to explore the Louisiana Purchase