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  1. slovenly
  2. supposition
  3. astute
  4. avarice
  5. irresolute
  1. a a desire or greed
  2. b clever,cunning
  3. c not put together,untidy,careless
  4. d hesitating, unable to make a desicion
  5. e something that is assumed or taken for granted

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  1. to reduce in amount,degree,to lessen, or diminish
  2. excessive admiration,flattery
  3. tending to impress
  4. inactive,sluggish,dull
  5. to review,sum up

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  1. equivocateto be unclear to avoid commitment, or in order to mislead


  2. anathemato reduce in amount,degree,to lessen, or diminish


  3. evanescenttending to vanish, not lasting


  4. egregiouscloudlike,cloudy,confusing


  5. dilatoryexcessive admiration,flattery


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