79 terms

History test 3

Who has a bad temper an loves to dual?
Andrew Jackson
What were Jacksons duals mostly about?
Rachel Robards
Wife that was outspoken and thought out side of the box?
Rachel Robards
Politician from Gerogia who was in a koma during the campaign.
Henry Crawford
Did the Jacksonian democracy dominate domestic policy or forein policy?
Who changed voter requirements?
Andrew Jackson
Why were the Whigs created?
To oppose Jackson
Who wanted a national bank, jackson or the whigs?
The whigs
What does "laissez-faire" stand for?
hands off
Who were the "5 civilized tribes"?
Creek, choctaw, chickasaw, seminole, cherokee
Which indian tribe had gold on its terririory?
Why does the cherokee Nation sue Georgia?
Because they belive GA has limited their civil lebertys.
Who is the cheif justice during the Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia case?
John Marshal
Who said " if you were born of color, native american or a slave you are not protected by the constitution?"
Roger Taney
What did the protective tarrif put a tax on?
exported goods
Did Jackson want a National bank?
What group thought that the government should pay for market items?
How many children died due to industrial accidents?
Who founded the first textile mill in Massatuces?
Francis Cabot
What were the 2 ways to hire a person?
Lowell system or Rhode Island(family) system
Who wrote a book stating that it is Americas destiny to expand?
John O' Sullivan
Name of policy that concentrated indians away from the trail pathways?
Concentration Policy
How many people did Stephen F. Austin lead into Texas territory?
How much could you buy an acre of land for in Mexico?
12 and a half cents
How many slaves did a planter own?
20 or more
How many slaves did a farmer own?
20 or less
Law that said people were not allowed to own slaves and if they already owned them they have to be freed by the age of 14?
Colonization Law
Did Sam houston want to keep or remove the indians?
Did Mirabeau Lamar want to keep or remove the indians?
Term that comes from German philosophy. Belived people wre born good and choice always matters. Non-comformity. Listens to their intiutions/gut feeling and belives science cannot explain everything. Thinks change is necessary.
From Massatuces. During the Reform movement this person was the very first super indendent of schools. Wanted to train the teachers to the fullest and created a teachers college. Who is this person?
Horace Mann
This person took the teachers test at the age of 14 and passed it. Horace Mann hires her to write the state curriculium for math, reading, etc. Got tuberculosis and had to work at a prison. Built 6 mental hospitals in the US and was hired by Abraham Lincold to create an army of core nurses. Who is she?
Dorothea Dix
What movement lessed the use of alcohol sold to children?
Temperance Movement
Movement that delt with voting, divorce, custody over children.
Sufferage Movement
Women that got involved in the suffarage movement started out as what
What did Elizabeth Cady Staton and Lucretia Mott want to abolish?
What two people were sent to a slavery convention to talk about what politics could do. Their husbands could get in but they couldnt. re-wrote somthings in the DOI and created a new convention in called Seneca Falls in the US
Elizabeth Cady Staton and Lucretia Mott
Who had a newspaper called the liberator and was extreamly radical?
William L. Garrison
Who wants individuals to pursuade the politicians?
Frederick Douglas
How many copies did Uncle Toms Cabin sell within the first week?
Who created the Kansas-Nebraska Act and belived citizens of the states should decide on issues. Then owned slaves after his wifes father dies?
Stephen Douglas
What replaced the Missouri compromis?
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Ran away to conneticut at 16. Suffered from eye inflamatory disease. Had 20 kids. Kidnapped and be-headed 5 slave owners but was not prosecuted for it. Who is this person?
John Brown
Gave a speech called the Crime againts Kansas.
Senator Charels Sumner
Wanted to challange sumner to a dual for not apologizing for making his cousin, senator andrew butler, the target of his speech but Sumner refuses. Beat Sumner with his cane.
Senator Preston Brooks
Target of Senator Sumners speech
Senator Andrew Butler
What slave owner held his slave in free territory?
Dred Scott
Was never an abolitionist but was a strong unionist who wanted to keep the union together.
Controlled 80% of US military equipment
harpers ferry
His army of 18 people stole a lot of military equipment. Kidnapped the mayor..Put on trial and says that there are 6 republicans, the "secret 6'' who supported him and gave him supplies
John Brown
Commander of Fort Sumnter
Robert Anderson
How much did inflation raise by the end of the war?
Single bloodest war in America. 23,000 dead
Battle of Antietam
Where did the Battle of Antietam take place?
Leader of the CSA military
Robert E. Lee
Leader of the USA military during the civil war
George McClellan
Great organizer who didnt want to embarrass the confederate army. Didnt want to send his army into fighting.
George McClellan
Detailed how many men the CSA had and other information. Found by a union member.
Order # 191
Changes issue of the war to slavery
Emancipation Proclamation
Why did Lincoln fire McClellan?
Because he didn't capture Robert E. Lee
Photograper of an exhibit called the battle of antietam.
Mattew Brady
Plan for the union to blockade the confederacy all the way to New Mexico.
Anaconda Plan
Why was Lincoln opened to the idea of making war on the civilians?
So he could get supplies
Originally from Maine. Taught himself Greek and Latin. Became a professer. Helped edit Uncle Toms cavin. Abolitionist. Lied about going to France so he could sign up for the militarty. Became commander because he was the most educated. Nick named Lion of the round tops
Joshua L. Chamberlain
Who gave a 2 hour speech before Lincoln gave his 2 minute Gettysburg Address?
Edward Everett
Who is Lincons VP?
Andrew Johnson
What amendment made slavery illegal?
Where does the CSA surrender?
Wilber Mcleans House
What was the name of the play Lincoln was assaisinated at?
Our American Cousin
Who killed Lincoln?
John Wilkes Booth
Who were John Wilkes Booth sidekicks?
Louis Paine and George Atzerodt
John Booth asked this man to hold his horse while he went in to kill Lincoln. When to jail for 6 years even though he had nothing to do with it.
Ed Spangler
Friend of booth who helped him after he hurt his leg. Gets life in prison.
Dr. Samuel Mudd
what amendment made everyone citizens regardless of race?
the 14 amendment
what amendment gave African Americans the right to vote?
the 15 amendment
an act that promised free land to settlers on the western frontier. It promised ownership of a 160-acre tract of public land to a citizen or head of a family who had resided on and cultivated the land for five years after the initial claim.
Homestead act
a legal theory that a U.S. State has the right to nullify, or invalidate, any federal law that a state has deemed unconstitutional.
who wrote the north star
frederick douglas
the political struggle that developed over the issue of rechartering the Second Bank of the United States (BUS) during the Andrew Jackson administration (1829-1837).
the bank war