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Word Basics Lesson 1


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Control N
Keyboard shortcut for a new document
When text entered beyond the right margin automatically advances to the next line.
Insertion Point
The vertical blinking line that indicates where text will be entered. The cursor
On by default, this feature automatically corrects common errors and can be customized.
Autoformat As You Type
Allows the user to set formatting options that are applied automatically as you type.
Status Bar
Located at the bottom of the WORD window. Displays page #, sections, vertical location and typing mode.
Draft Document
A document that is not finalized.
View Buttons
Five different ways to view a document on screen.
Allow magnification or reduction of a document on screen.
Windows Views
From the view tab - split, arrange all, side by side.
Displays the horizontal and vertical measurements of a page
Show/Hide Codes
Nonprinting formatting marks.
Insert Text
An editing mode that moves text to the right
An editing mode that replaces old with new.
Copy Text
Control C. Leaves text in its original location while allowing the placement of a dulicate in another location.
Move Text
Control X. Removes text from one location and inserts it into another.
Office Clipboard
A temporary storage area that can hold up to 24 items.
Print Preview
Allows the user to see how a document will look on screen before printing.
Text Alignment
Left, Right, Center, Justify
Line Spacing
Amount of vertical space between line of text (control +2) (control +1) (control +5)
Paragraph Spacing
Determines the amount of space above or below a paragraph.
A complete set of characters designed in a specific face, style and size.
A font that contains lines, curves or edges extending from the ends of the letter. Used for readability.
Sans Serif
Straight edged fonts. Use for headings or to grab attention.
A font that looks like handwriting or cursive
Ornamental fonts or special characters that can be used to separate, emphasize or enhance.
Format Painter
Copies formatting from one block of text to another.
Highlight Text
Emphasizes text using a block of color
Change Case
Shift F3
Character Spacing
Amount of space left between letters and words.
Saves in the same location or under the same name.
Save As
Allows saving in a different location or under a different name.
Control V