Us History ch 20 section 3


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Calvin Coolidge
the new president, fit into the pro-business spirit of the 1920's,favored government policies that would keep taxes down and business profits up, and give business more available credit in order to expand, goal was to keep the government interferences in business to a minimum and to allow private enterpriser to flourish, favored a constructive company
literally changed the American landscape, caused the construction of paved roads suitable for driving in all weather, liberated the isolated rural family, gave families the opportunity to vacation in new and faraway places, allowed both women and young people to become more independent through increased mobility, allowed workers to live farther from their jobs
urban sprawl
cities spreading in all directions caused this after automobiles were invented
pan American airways
inaugurated the first transatlantic passenger flights
bad breath
electrical conveniences
transformed the nation, number grew in households, the development of the alternating electrical current made it possible to distribute electric power efficiently over long distances
modern advertising
advertising agencies hired psychologists to study how to appeal to people's desire for youthfulness, beauty, health, and wealth
installment plan
industry provided easy credit, or "a dollar down and a dollar forever", enabled people to buy goods over an extended period, without having to put down much money at the time of purchase
superficial prosperity
the gap between managers and workers increased for income, farms suffered losses, and people were buying on easy credit for stuff they could not afford
Herbert Hoover
was Calvin Coolidge's republican successor, favored government policies that would keep taxes down and business profits up like Coolidge
auto camp
developed as townspeople roped off spaces alongside the road where travelers could sleep at night
Route 66
provided a route for people trekking west from Chicago to California
status symbol
a possession believed to enhance the owner's social standing