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Equine Showing Hard Game 1

GVWranglers Horse Bowl
Suppleness and a light touch on the reins
What does a judge look for in the hands in addition to whether the reins are being properly held?
Between the knee and ankle- mainly the calf
In referring to legs in a hunter seat equitation, what part of the leg is used as an aid?
Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Cross-country
What phases make up a 3-day event?
Tevis cup
What is America's most famous endurance ride?
Side of the horse facing the ring
In saddle seat riding on which side of the horse would the rider hold his crop or whip?
When was High School Rodeo founded?
To encroach youth to stay in school and promote high sportsmanship
What were the founding principals or reasons for High School Rodeo?
What term refers both to a system of training and a competitive sport?
It progressively develops the horse's musculature and coordination
Why can dressage for the horse be compared to ballet training for humans?
Dressage has its roots in classical Greek horsemanship, but it was not recognized as an important equestrian pursuit until what time period?
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
What does NARHA stand for?
American Riding Instructors Association
Which association was established to promote safe, knowledgeable riding instruction?
The athletic ability of a ranch-type horse in the confines of the show arena
Reining is a judged event designed to show what?
Individually from 0 to infinity. Starting score is 70 with plus/minus points given for each maneuver
How is a reining pattern scored?
The movement of the horse imparts movement of the riders pelvis the closely resembles walking
Describe how hippotherapy provides benefits for a paralyzed rider.
The form of Therapeutic riding that uses functional horsemanship skills to achieve goals such as improved speech or motor skills is called what?