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An act by authority such as a government to pardon a group of individuals.
Noun amnestos= to forget


An expert who understands the details, technique, or principals of an art and is able to act as a critical judge; someone
qualified to act as a judge in matters of taste and appreciation.
Noun cognoscere= to know


Mad; insane; suffering from or exhibiting dementia.
Adjective mentem = mind


A conclusion reached after careful study of symptoms or facts.
Noun gignoskein = to know; recognize


Mental capacity; intellectual ability; attitude or outlook
Noun mentem = mind


Intended to aid the memory
Adjective mnemonikos = remember


Well-known, especially because of something bad; having a bad reputation.
Adjective notus= known


Forecast of the probable course of a disease; estimate of what will probably happen; a prediction
Noun gignoskein = to know; recognize


Noun:A fixed allowance of something; an portion of something handed out; share
Verb:To allow only certain amounts to; to distribute in limited amounts
ratio = reckoning; reason


Reasoned out; sensible; able to think and reason clearly
Adjective ratio = reckoning; reason


Examination or survey, especially for military purposes
Noun cognoscere= to know

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