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  1. A resolution in 1846 that said any land acquired from Mexico could not have slavery
  2. A belief that it was the U.S.'s destiny to go from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean
  3. A period of economic decline partly because the drop of the value of western land
  4. The forced march of Native Americans (Cherokees) to the West in which many of the Natives died of exposure to many diseases.
  5. A declaration by President James Monroe that said that the U.S. opposed any more European colonization in the Americas, and it also said that the U.S. would stay out of Europe's affairs.

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  1. Oregon FeverEnthusiasm in the 1840s to move west to Oregon and get land there.


  2. Missouri CompromiseAn agreement in 1821 by which Missouri became a slave state and Maine became a free state. It also established the boundary of slave and free states in the Louisiana Purchase.


  3. ExpansionistsPeople of the 1840s who want the U.S. to get more land in the West


  4. American SystemA plan to make the American economy stronger with a national bank, higher tariffs, and federal support for roads and canals.