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Thomas Hobbes

which enlightened thinker thought all men were inherently evil and needed a powerful government to control them

Jean Jacques rousseau

Which enlightened thinker believed that a social contract existed between the government and the people who allowed the government to exist

Adam smith

the greatest economist who developed the principle ideas of capitalism was ...

Alliance of 1778

the agreement in which France supplied American colonies with support for their war against Britain

Treaty of Paris

It officially ended the conflict between the colonies and Britain

Jean Paul Marat

the most influential voice amongst the people for the growing violence in the French Revolution before the Reign of Terror


Louis XVI attempted to flee Austria in hopes of starting a new life after the revolution (true or false)


In the 16th century, the Holy Roman empire was governed by a powerful dynasty in the __________

Amergio Vespucci

who explored much of the new world, especially in South America

Ferdinand Magellan

He never completed his voyage but his crew was first to circumnavigate the globe..


The Spanish weren't notorious for ill treatment of natives and did little to help (true or false)


The selling of Africans into slavery was a commercial practice began by European traders (True or false)


The council of trent adjusted traditional catholic theology and corrected the church's corruptive abuses (true or false)

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