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tides are known as _______ of the ocean

always happens, never stops

why are tides considered the pulse of the ocean

wave frequency

number of waves that pass a certain point in an amount of time


underwater volcano mountain


flat-topped, underwater mountains


the zone where there is a sharp difference between surface temperature and subsurface temperature

spring tide

new/full moon

neap tide

1st quarter/3rd quarter moon

wave length

the horizontal distance between wave crest

effect of wind

the stronger the wind, the larger the waves

high tide

highest point

low tide

lowest point


lowest point of a wave


how many times a day does high tide occur

sand dunes and barrier beach

natural land forms that protect against erosion

right angle

neap tide angle

straight line

spring tide angle

abyssal plain

flat, almost level area in the deepest part of the ocean basin


when temperature increases, density _____


when salinity increases, density ______

mid ocean ridge

underwater mountain range, covers all of earth

gravitational pull

tides are caused by ______


highest point of a wave


dissolved chemicals in ocean water

continental slope

steep slopping area


man made erosion control

temperature and salinity

two factors that affect density are _______

continental shelf

shallow-water platform that slopes gently from a continent to the deep ocean bottom


movement of the ocean caused by the gravitational pull among the earth, sun, and moon

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