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Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, and Universal are all examples of _________________

vertical integration

What is synergy?

The cross promotion of vertical integrated goods

What are a set of interconnected nodes?


What is participatory development?

The idea that locals should be engaged in deciding what development means for them and how to achieve it

What is the most globally linked city in the world?


Where was the first local exchange system established?

Vancouver Island, Canada

The spread of Princess Diana's death so quickly is an example of what?


How many global cities are in the United States?


The rift between rich and poor is__________ at the global scale.


Define horizontal integration

to own a particular step in the production or commodity chain of a product

True or False: Globalization is the inevitable outcome of modern spatial processes


True or False: Miami is more linked to Latin America than L.A.


True or False: The world bank, IMF, and the WTO are seen as carrying out the Washington Consensus.


True or False: According to Castell's, networks lead to increased regional inequities.


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