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  1. this note appears immediately under a three-digit code to further define or gibe an example of the contents of the category
  2. used after an incomplete term that needs one or more of the modifiers that follow ( usually indented) to make it assignable to a given category
  3. not elsewhere clasified used with ill-defined terms to alert the coder that specified terms for a condition may be classified differently or with terms when a more specific category is not provided in the code list
  4. used to enclose a series of terms, each of which is modified by the statement to the right of the brace (e. g. , code 385.3)
  5. termsw following this word indicate you must look to a different code series

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  1. section markersused to enclose synomons, alternative wordings, or explanatory phrases (e. g. code 460)


  2. [ ] bracketsused to enclose synomons, alternative wordings, or explanatory phrases (e. g. code 460)


  3. NOSnot otherwise specified Equivalent to unspecified used when the physiciam has insufficient data to code a specific condition


  4. code first underlying diseaseused in categories not intended for primary tabulation of disease these coodes are also written in italics with a note the note requires that the underlying disease or cause be recorded frist and the particular manifestation be recorded second ( this note will appear only in the Tabular List


  5. ( ) parenthesesused to enclose supplementary words that might or might not be present in a statement without affecting the code assignmnet