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Animation films are...

a different form of moviemaking but not necessarily a single type of movie

In Gangster films, the antagonist are often...

police officers and other gangsters

Documentary filmmaking, which uses actual people, places, and events as source material, is described by John Gierson...

as a creative treatment of actuality

The founding purpose of persuasive documentary was to...

Address social injustice

Gangster films are characterized by...

exploring the American dream and an antihero

Documentary films are often concerned with...

recording reality and educating the viewer

Experimental films frequently reflect the creative vision of a single artist. These films...

individual interpretation

Narrative is a...

story, way of structuring fictional or fictionalized stories presented in narrative films

The four major types of lenses are...

wide-angle, telephoto, normal, and zoom


(short-focal length lens) produces wide-angle views, makes the subjects appear further apart than they actually are


(long-focal-length lens) brings distant objects close, makes subjects look closer together than they are in real life


(medium-focal-length lens) corresponds with our day-today expiereence of depth and perception


Variable-focal lens

Scale refers to the size and placement of a particular object or part of a scene in relation to the rest. The relationship of the scale is determined by...

the type of shot and the position of the camera

A shot that is between a long shot and medium shot is NOT called...

A fully body shot

Special effects created on a fresh piece of film stock are called...

Laboratory effects

T/F Slow motion decelerates action by filming it at less than the normal film rate of 24 frames per second...

False, slow motion is > 24 frames per second

What shot type typically provides a view of background information and is capable of dwarfing a subject and making it appear small or insignificant...

An extreme long shot

Which of the following statements about black-and-white movies is NOT true...

Black-and-white movies are movies that lack color.

• A dolly shot is one taken by a camera fixed to a wheeled support, generally known as a...


A setup...

is one camera psotion and everything associated with it

Pan Shot

the horizontal movement of the camera mounted on the gyroscopic head of a stationary tri-pod

Tilt Shot

the vertical movement of the camera mounted on the gyroscopic head of a stationary tri-pod

T/F A graphic match cut shows us the continuation of a character's or objects motion from one shot to the next...

False, describing a match on action cut NOT graphic match cut

What editing technique condenses a series of events into a sequence of shots...


In Star Wars, George Lucas pays homage to classic science-fiction films when he transitions from one shot to the next by making shot A replace shot B in a horizontal fashion. This is an example of a...


T/F A dissolve is similar to a fade since in both transitions a black screen separates two distinct shots...


The most common manipulation of time through editing is ___________, which is an omission of time that separates one shot from another...

An ellipsis

Cutting between two or more actions happening at the same time in different places is known as _____________, while cutting between two or more actions occurring in the same time and the same place is called ______________...

parallel editing and crosscutting

( ) presents an instantaneous advance in the action- a sudden perhaps illogical, often disorientating ellipsis between two shots caused by an absence of the film that would have provided continuity

A jump cut

A film is made 3 times:

written, shot, and edited

Continuity editing

as seamless or invisible editing because it flows so smoothly we are not distracted by the cuts

Dada and surrealism are most associated with which movement in film history...

the avant-garde

The various "new cinemas" or New Wave movements in Europe and Asia are in many respects a reaction to what historical event...

World War II

French New Wave director ______________ directed The 400 Blows and wrote the influential essay "A Certain Tendency in French Cinema."...

François Truffaut

What film director working in the silent period is often credited with creating classical Hollywood film style...

D.W. Griffith

Which Soviet filmmaker considered film editing to be a creative process that functioned according to the dialectics of Karl Marx...


German expressionist films are characterized by _____________ settings, ____________ camera angles, and themes such as _____________...

exaggerated; oblique; alienation

What political leader nationalized the Soviet film industry and established schools that trained filmmakers to make propaganda films...


• Which of the following occurred in the new Hollywood

The studio system collapsed

Who cofounded the journal Cahiers du cinema and is considered the father of the French New Wave...

André Bazin

Besides being one of the first "Westerns," what is significant about Edwin S. Porter's 1903 film The Great Train Robbery...

It is one of the first films to pioneer the idea of continuity editing

T/F A shot/reverse shot is when the angle of shooting is opposite to that in the preceding shot...

False, that describes a reverse-angle shot, a shot/reverse shot is a technique in which the camera switches between shots of different characters

What is the difference between an iris-in and an iris- out shot...

an iris-in begins with a small circle that expands while, an iris-out gradually closes an image


An essential element of film narrative; any of the beings who play functional roles within the plot, either acting or being acted on. Characters can be flat or round; major, minor, or marginal; protagonists or antagonists.


The process of the actor's interpreting a character in a movie. Characterization differs according to the actor, the character, the screenplay, and the director.

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