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Red, Coccyx/Anus, Earth, Connection to earth
Balanced = being present unbalanced = no inner stillness


orange, 2 inches below bb, water, emotional balance
balanced = empathy unbalanced = shallow relationships


yellow, solar plexus,fire, personal power
balanced =connect and commit unbalanced=feeling overwhelmed.


green/pink,heart chakra, air, love
balanced= unconditional love unbalanced=loneliness


blue,throat,ether, communications
balanced=hearing what is not being said
unbalanced = speaking to bluntly


Indigo, between the eyebrows, mind, intuition wisdom
balanced = clear perception unbalanced= out of touch with body


white - violet when awakened, crown, beyond elements, enlightenment inner peace
balanced = experience of all as one
unbalanced = doubt and denial

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