26 terms

Phantom Tollbooth Character

The Whether Man
many ways to where you are going
The Lethargians
you have to think to get
Needs to think about what you're going to do
The Gateman
You always need a reason
King's Advisor
more than one way to say something
The Letterman
No lesson learned
The Spelling Bee
Education is important
The Humbug
Be yourself
Officer Shrift
obey the laws and time is important
Faintly Macabre
choose words carefully and have your own opinion
King Azaz
Be cautious
Alec Bings
It's all in how you look at things
Giant Midget Fat Thin Man
everyone is different to different people
order is important
Dischord and Dynne
Different people like different sounds
The Soundkeeper
keep making noises
don't jump to conclusions
The Dodecahedron
different ways to solve problems
The Mathemagician
numbers are important
.85 boy
averages are important
The Everpresent Wordsnatcher
choose words carefully
The Terrible Trivium
don't waste time on something unimportant
The Demon of Insincerity
hear what you want to hear
The Gelatinous Giant
ideas are important
The Senses Taker
don't be distracted by meaningless stuf
Rhyme and Reason
use knowledge to maintain balance