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Pardot Consultant

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You want to assign prospects to a specific sales user when that prospect submits a form and is from region EMEA. What tool do you need to use? [Choose one answer]

A: Segmentation Rule
B: Completion Action
C: Dynamic List
D: Automation Rule
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You have been asked to create a form that gathers information from prospects. This information should be available in Pardot as well as a custom build community site. How would you achieve this? [Choose one answer]

A: Create a Pardot form and via completion actions submit the details to the community site.
B: Create a website form that submits the details to the community site and integrate it with a Pardot form handler.
C: Create a Pardot form and via an automation rule submit the details to the community site.
D: Create a website form that integrates with a Pardot form handler, details are submitted to the community site using Pardot API.
You have several white papers on your website, but you want to start gating those and gather more and more details about prospects as they download the white papers. What is the best way to achieve this?

A: Create a form and enable progressive profiling
B: Create a form handler and enable progressive profiling
C: Create a form handler for each white paper
D: Create a form per white paper and enable progressive profiling
What is true about completion actions? [Choose two answers]

A: Completion actions are retroactive and will apply to activities done before and after you apply them
B: Completion actions only execute for prospects. They will not affect visitors.
C: Completion actions can be criteria based.
D: Completion actions will not execute for image files.