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how society talks about a certain subject


Victorian Period--sex was policed, were talking about it (putting it into legal discourse)
even if you talk about sex, it still has a claim over you

repressive hypothesis

woman who flirts with men


dissolute man, given to immoral or improper conduct


Toussant, massacre of whites left in Haiti, revolts against French, unique slave rebellion

Haitian Revolution

liminal spaces



mark of shame, negative connotations


having the wounds of Christ

stream of consciousness, unreliable narrators, psychology

modernist style

episodic trials, sympathy gained with captive, learn about culture of captors

captivity narrative

hysteria over certain moral issues

moral panic

images of Native American women that are contradictory/stereotype created through lens of Pocahontas figure

Pocahontas Perplex

developed with trading between Europe, Africa, and Americas, emergence of new world race slavery, investments and commodities


epistolary novel

story told through letters

how we should look at sexuality

democratic morality

about a woman, includes seduction and the possibility of a fallen woman

seduction novel





The Coquette

Hannah Webster Foster

Sovereignty and the Goodness of God

Mary Rowlandson

The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne

A Mercy

Toni Morrison

Secret History

Leonora Sansay

slave girl, mother gives her up to Jacob Vaark


the "coquette"

Eliza Wharton

baby of Hester


Hester's husband


Hester's love and Pearl's father


two men that pursue Eliza

Reverend Boyer and Major Sanford

Eliza's best friend


womanizer, provides excitement for Eliza but no promise of a future

Major Sanford

Eliza's first suitor, safe and modest

Reverend Boyer

Sansay's confidante/to whom she is writing her letters

Aaron Burr

Jacob Vaark's wife


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