Quality Assurance Inspector Course Wk2

Quality Assurance Inspector Course 2005 Week 2
___ Ensure maintenance organizations comply with Air Force, MAJCOM and unit directives
MAJCOM and wing/unit MSEP
___ may be combined with Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Programs (LSEP) which focus on supply, transportation, and logistics plans functions
Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Program (MSEP)
___ shall conduct recurring unit evaluations to ensure maintenance technician proficiency
Personnel from ___ staff agencies and/or field units may be used to augment the permanent team members
Evaluation standard for evaluations of technician proficiency and equipment condition ?
Applicable technical data
___ administers the wing's Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Program (MSEP)
Quality Assurance
___ must be designed to provide maintenance managers with a method to evaluate the unit's compliance with Air Force, MAJCOM, and local maintenance directives and policies
Units shall be penalized for ___
Technical Data Violations TDV and Detected Safety Violations DSV
___ must cover tasks that are complex and those affecting safety of flight
Key Task List (KTL)
KTL should include those tasks that have been or have the potential to be ___
Problems/high interest areas
All maintenance actions and functions listed on KTLs require ___ each time the maintenance action/function is accomplished
mandatory call-in to QA
KTLs must cover tasks that are complex and those affecting ___
Safety of flight
QA must review and update the KTL at least ___ to ensure it encompasses those maintenance actions/functions that directly affect quality of maintenance
QA must review and update the KTL to ensure it encompasses those maintenance actions/functions that directly affect
Quality of maintenance
MSEP includes a list of maintenance actions and tasks that require evaluation on a ___ basis
QA must coordinate with ___ to ensure all required inspections are performed IAW AFI 21-201 and AFI 21-204
Munitions Plans and Scheduling
QA must coordinate with Munitions Plans and Scheduling to ensure all required inspections are performed IAW ___
AFI 21-201 and AFI 21-204
The KTL and RIL provide the "structure" for the ___
Evaluation and Inspection (E&I) plan
The ___ provide the "structure" for the Evaluation and Inspection (E&I) plan
QA develops an E&I plan that shows ___ of inspections and evaluations that must be conducted
Areas, Types, and Numbers
QA developing E&I plan shall address ___ areas of concern in determining inspection/evaluation priorities
Wing Weapons Manager and Maintenance Managers'
QA developing E&I plan shall tailor plan for each ___
Squadron, Flight, or Maintenance Section
QA developing E&I plan shall ___ the E&I plan
Review, formalize, and distribute
___ over-the-shoulder evaluation of maintenance action or inspection by an individual or team
Personnel Evaluation (PE)
Use PEs to evaluate :
Job proficiency, degree or training, and compliance with technical data
Individuals performing, supervising, or evaluating maintenance tasks are subject to ___
Subject to PE
QA develops standardized ___ for all tasks
Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL)
___ over-the-shoulder evaluation of a maintenance technician or supervisor while actually performing a job
Individual Evaluation (IE)
___ over-the-shoulder evaluation of a maintenance supervisors and technicians completing a team task
Team Evaluation (TE)
The QA inspector determines if the technician or supervisor performed the job as prescribed by published ___
Technical data and appropriate instructions
Define PE pass
number of discrepancies does not exceed AQL/standards
Define PE fail
Number of discrepancies does not exceed AQL/standards

Technician fails to detect a major discrepancy while complying with inspection or work card requirement

Technician fails to comply with a step of prescribed technical data that could affect performance of the equipment involved, cause injury to personnel

Technician demonstrates a lack of technical proficiency, system knowledge, or training is not documented

Technician commits a safety violation

Technician fails to document maintenance actions in appropriate equipment records
Upon completion of a failed evaluation, evaluator must provide ___
On-the-spot feedback
Define Category I (CAT I)
"Specific" work card item, or TO step, note, caution, or warning for a "specific" condition or action
Define Category II (CATII)
Obvious defect, which could have been readily detected by a technician, or supervisor.
AQL/standards denote the maximum allowable number of ___ findings for the task to be rated "Pass"
Category I minor
___ shall be documented for trends but will not be counted against the AQL
Category II minor
Define QVI fail
Technician failed to etect a CAT I or II "major" discrepancy after completing an inspection, work card, or task requirement

Number of CAT I minor discrepancies exceeds established AQL/standard

Technician is not signed off in training records as task qualified
___ receive their own discrepancy category in the MSEP
DSVs, TDVs, and UCRs
___ personnel are the greatest deterrent to mishaps in the workplace
Well-trained and educated
Define DSV
Unsafe act by an individual
Define TDV
Observation of any person performing maintenance without proper technical data available or in use
Define UCR
Unsafe or Unsatisfactory condition, other than DSV
___ designed to give managers a comprehensive, objective evaluation of mission capabilities and compliance with technical and management directives for each function
Activity Inspection (AI)
When answers are required for minor discrepancies, these items are designated by ___
Asterisk (*)
QA must conduct ___ when a maintenance activity receives a rating of "unsatisfactory" or "marginal" during a MAJCOM LSET/MSET inspection
Follow-up Inspection
Follow-up inspections verify the adequacy of ___
Corrective actions
QA follow-up inspections do not replace activity inspections, but may be performed ___
___ inspections not covered by QVI, PEs, or management inspections (MIs)
Special Inspection (SI)
SI can ___, sample considerably more items or events, and may be condition, procedural, or compliance oriented
Cross many organizational boundaries
Report discrepancies found in historical documents to the appropriate ___
___ follow up on trends, conduct investigations, or conduct research to get to the root of problems
Management Inspection (MI)
___ inspections owning work centers perform to determine equipment condition and adequacy of depot or contractor maintenance as prescribed by TO 00-20-1
Acceptance Inspection
QA PE may be used to satisfy annual recertification requirements if the QA evaluator is a ___
Certifying Official
___ designed to capture assessment and trend data that makes information easily exportable
Quality Assurance Database (QAD)
Every unit must capture and catalog the minimum elements into their database for trending, ___ purposes
Cross tell, and benchmarking
___ as well as Maintenance Operations must have unlimited "read-only" access to the QAD
Production personnel
Highlight trends and ___ in the MSEP monthly summery
Root causes
MSEP summary should include :
Visual information
Quality trends identified though inspections and evaluations
Discussion of common problem areas
Descriptions of successful programs or initiatives
WS evaluations
To ensure the greatest visibility possible for MSEP summaries, classified parts must be ___
Published separately from the main summary
High-missed carded items are any work card item missed at least ___ times during a one-month period
Units should use ___ to enhance maintenance-training programs, deter trends, and basically improve the quality of maintenance
High-missed carded items
___ is a forum to refine MSEP directions, address maintenance issues and resolve problems, provide cross-feed to all maintenance activities by reviewing QA inspections, evaluations, and trends
MSEP meeting
___ is responsible for ensuring an effective foreign object damage prevention program is established
Vice Wing Commander (CV)
Inspector Do's
Be professional
Maintain a friendly relationship with others
Introduce yourself to supervisors;make your reasons for being in their areas known
Be explicit when giving instruction and feedback
Be ready to reference all findings
Inspector Dont's
Let a discussion become an argument
Establish policies
Let rank or position overpower you
Be a "know-it-all"
Give unsolicited or supported opinions
Four processes to use to effectively document finding to make them clear and concise:
Audit OVDA
Define Organize
Starts with putting our ideas or findings (facts) on paper in draft form
Define Validate
Process of confirming that the collected data is correct and conclusions drawn from the data is reasonable and defensible
Crosscheck the information to sort out any errors to distortions that can lead to ___
Invalid data
Define Develop
Gather all the data to look for symptoms, causes, problems and mission impact
Define Audit
After the rest of the processes are complete, go over the final report.
Checklist for writing on a specific problem:
What the problem is
What the symptoms are causes are
Mission impact (no impact=no finding)
Recommended fixes
Outline for writing management findings:
An opening statement describing problem or symptoms, causes, and impact

Describe the symptoms
Identify the causes
Describe the mission impact
Review problem and mission impact then state recommended fix
Always consider safety and mission impact during all phases of ___
Problem Solving
Define Problem
Incorrect or inadequate situation resulting from one or more causes
Define Cause
Someone or something whose actions or inactions results in a problem or permits it to exist
First step in the ___ of the problem-solving is to make sure that a problem actually exists
Problem-analysis phase
By careful analysis, the ___ will usually reveal the ___
The problem analysis phase usually leads to suggestions about what it will to take to ___
Cure the problem
In the ___ the task is to recommend or make decisions intended to clear up symptoms or "fix" the problem
Decision-making phase
Two types of fixes which may be implemented in the decision-making process of problem solving:
Short term fix or long term fix
Define Short term fix
Intended to remove symptoms
Long term fix Goal
To completely overcome the problem so that it no longer exists
___ prescribes and explains how to create and manage AF publications and to whom they apply
AFI 33-360 Vol 1, Air Force Content Management Program-Publications
___ publications are the two systems of Air Force publications
Standard and specialized
___ is a "standalone" system
Special publication
___ working documents, not for implementation or compliance until certified and approved.
Draft publication
Two categories of AF publications:
Directive an Non-directive
___ are informational and suggest guidance that you can modify to fit the circumstances
Non-directive publication
TO changes, revisions, and supplements are known as ___
___ used to indicate material on a TO page has been changed
Change bars
Miniature pointing hand
Shading and screening
___ must be available and used at the job site
Operational and Maintenance (O&M) TOs
TO 00-5-1, ___ describes various types of TOs used in the Air Force
AF Technical Order System
Terms ___ and manual are used interchangeably
Technical manual
O&M TOs cover ___, operation, maintenance and handling of AF military systems and end items
O&M TOs provide detailed procedures in ___form for operational checkout, test, repair, adjustment, and R2 of accessories
___ apply to a system installed on more than one type of aircraft, missile, engine
System general TO
___ general in content and are not issued against specific military systems or end items
Method and Procedure Technical Order (MPTO)
___ referred to as "work simplification" devices
Abbreviated TO
___ are developed in sets by type of inspection, and (normally) work area or zone being inspected
Inspection work cards
___ provide a means of identifying needed TOs. group TOs pertaining to specific items of equipment, and show the status of all TOs
Index TO
___ authorized method of directing and providing instructions for modifying military systems and end items, and performing or initially establishing one-time inspections
Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO)
Write-in Changes to the technical content in TOs are generally not authorized, except for ___
Specified updates to flight manual publications
Write-in changes are authorized for corrections to the title page and ___ and references though out TOs
List of Effective Pages (LEP)
LEP checks are ___ when changes and revisions to paper TOs are posted
___ digital TO change files distributed electronically, used in place of interim supplements
Rapid Actions Changes (RAC)
TOPS are printed on ___ to distinguish them from other supplements
Green paper
TOPS title page will be filed in front of, and facing the same directions as, the existing TO ___
Title page
File ___ in reverse numerical sequence
Safety and Operational Supplements
___ should be printed on colored paper (other than green) to distinguish them from other TO increments
Local Page Supplements
___ are established and located to support operations and maintenance missions
Operational Libraries
___ may be stablished and maintained to control tower, base operations, or the command post as a local option
Emergency Operating Instructions Libraries
MAJCOMs may direct retention of operations and maintenance TOs on board aircraft :
Aircraft Libraries
___ may be stablished on bases where it is common to service or perform organizational or intermediate level maintenance on transient aircraft not normally assigned to the base
Transient Aircraft Libraries
___ authorized for use by activities whose duties do not include operation or maintaing equipment
Reference Libraries
AF activites may maintain a library of rescinded TOs when needed for special programs and projects
Rescinded Copies Library
Every TODA POC and/or library custodian must review the internet TO Catalog ___
Uncorrected existence of safety conditions which could result in fatality or serious injury to personnel, result in extensive damage to or destruction of valuable property
Immediate Action TCTO
Immediate Action TCTO must be through ___
Interm TCTO message (ITCTO)
Time line for commanders to ensure distribution to all affected personnel of Immediate Action TCTOs within ___ after receipt
Four hours
Potentially hazardous conditions which could result in injury to personnel, damage to property or unacceptable reductions in combat efficiency
Urgent Action TCTO
If uncorrected, could create a hazard though prolong usage, have a negative effect on operational efficiency, reduce tactical or support utility, reduce operational life or general service utilization of systems or end items
Routine Action TCTO
___ are non-configuation change TCTOs that direct a one-time inspection (OTI) to determine equipment condition or configuration
Inspection TCTO
___ do not contain step-by-step instructions in the "how work is accomplished" paragraph
Record TCTO