16 terms

chapter 20

endoscopic procedures are reported on the __________ place to which the scope is advanced.
a diagnostic endoscopic procedure is reported only when:
no surgical procedure is performed during the same operative session
because most third-party payers do not pay for cosmetic surgery, the physician must carefully document ______ to ensure reimbursement for noncosmetic procedures
medical necessity
what is the method that a physician uses to control a nosebleed?
packing, litigation, and cauterization
if the physician performs a lavage of the maxillary sinus, what is he/she doing?
washing the maxillary sinus
thoracentesis is performed to withdraw fluid from the pleural space for a variety of conditions including
respiratory failure
select the term that describes a procedure in which a scope is placed into a body cavity.
which of the following terms does not describe the nasal turbinates?
the procedure in which a scope is passed into the larynx and the physician can look at the larynx is what type of laryngoscopy
in what surgery subsection would you find the code for the incision and drainage of nasal abscess using an external approach to the abscess?
integumentary system
the name of the procedure in which mucus is removed from the sinuses by flushing a saline solution through the sinus cavities is __________. for example, the Proetz procedure (saline irrigation combined with suction).
this surgical procedure is performed to reshape the nose.
what is the name of the surgical procedure for the rearrangement of the nasal septum?
the term that describes destruction by removing, usually by cutting is:
the term that describes obtaining a tissue sample is
which modifier would you use if polyps were removed from both the left and the right sides of the nose"?