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Disdainful, haughty, and aloof.


Relentless; unyielding.


1. A shrine where the ancient Greeks consulted one of their gods for advice or prophecy.
2. A prophecy made at such a shrine.
3. A person who transmits prophecy from a deity.
4. A person or thing regarded as able to give wise guidance.


An address or formal speech given on a special occasion.


A mouth or vent; an opening.


To kiss.


A cut or notch.


1. A written contract between two parties.
2. An agreement binding an apprentice to work for a master.
3. To bind by written contract.


A long three-pronged fork or weapon.


A specialist who corrects irregularly positioned teeth.


1. A deep, narrow passage with rocky sides, enclosed between mountains.
2. Gluttonous eating.
3. A feeling of nausea (used with rise).
4. To eat greedily.
5. To fill full; to stuff.


1. To expel from the throat or stomach; to vomit.
2. To discharge violently.


Of immense size; gigantic.


A grotesque carved human or animal figure, especially one used as a rain spout carrying water clear of a wall.


1. To cause to pour back or cast up partially digested food; to vomit.
2. To rush or surge back.

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