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  1. -What matters at first
    --Physical attractiveness; IQ; personality
    --Attitude similarity
    --Reciprocal like Interpersonal Attraction
  2. -People near us
    -Physical Attractiveness: We like those who we like to look at
    -Similarity/Complementary: similar to us
    -Responsiveness: reciprocal liking
  3. -They are more popular, better liked by parents, teachers, and peers.
    -Dealt with less severely if they commit a transgression
    -Teachers give them more information, better evaluations, more opportunities to perform, and more support for their educational endeavors.
  4. 1) Exposure
    2) More opportunities to interact
    3) Similar economic and social backgrounds
  5. -Males' expectations reflected stereotypes
    --if thought they were going to talk to an attractive woman--expected her to be friendlier and perceived that she was friendlier than males who thought they were talking to unattractive woman
    -Males' expectations were also a self-fulfilling prophecy
    -Independent judges rated woman (thought to have been attractive) to have been friendlier
    -Playing hard to get
    -Very hard to get empirical data supporting this strategy
    -Although people prefer moderately selective mates to those with no selectivity, lack of perceived interest is typically perceived as a turn off

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  1. Situational influences on attraction-Contrast effects
    -Opinions of same sex peers (for women)
    -Girls all get prettier at closing time effect
    -Misattribution of arousal: a high/low
    --suspension bridge over a river


  2. Westgate Housing Project-As interaction increases, so does attraction


  3. Results of Freshman "Welcome Week" Dance Study-I.V.s
    --Attractiveness rated
    --Personality tests (social skills; introversion-extroversion; masculinity-femininity; MMPI
    --Subjects matched for date (randomly)
    --Rated date at intermission
    --Contacted several months later about further dates


  4. Freshman "Welcome Week" Dance Study-Physical attractiveness the most important factor