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Conformation Medium Game 1

GV Wranglers Horse Bowl
If it's correct, it will help with a longer stride
Why is the angle of the croup important?
Rolling, labored action
If a horse has his front legs set too wide on the corners of the body, what is the resulting action?
900-1300 pounds
What is the average weight for a desired saddle horse?
What term describes the condition when all parts of the horse blend together well with long, tapering muscling?
Body proportions
The proportions of the head tend to be an indicator of what?
Length of the stride
The length in the neck plays an important part in what?
The shape of the neck is due largely to the amount and shape of what?
Helps with long stride
Why is it important to have a 45-degree angle to the shoulder?
Ears positioned on sides of head
Describe a horse with lop ears.
When the horse is at rest
When do the front feet and legs serve primarily to support the horse?
14 to 17 hands
What is the height range of a desirable height of a saddle horse?
What is the term for a neck that is convex in shape?
Where is the most common place for the toed-out condition to occur?
What term describes the physical appearance of the horse due to the arrangement of muscle, bone and other body tissues?
Stride is shorter
What happens when the angle of the croup is steep?
Proper balance or relationship of all parts
Define symmetrical