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Path - Chp 15 01 - 06

HIV (lower resp tract infections)
S. pneumonia, S. aureus, H. influenzae, gram-neg rods
HIV (noninfectious)
Kaposi sarcoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma
HIV (CD4+ > 200)
bacterial/TB infections
HIV (CD4+ < 200)
HIC (CD4+ < 50)
CMV, mycobacterium
lung transplantation (indications)
end-stage emphysema,
idiopathic pulm fibrosis, idiopathic/famialial pulm arterial HTN
lung transplantation (complications)
infection, rejection
lung transplant (pulm infection)
1st few weeks - bacterial
fungal - Candida, Asperigillus
lung transplant (acute rejection)
early weeks to months
fever, dyspnea, cough, infiltrates
lung transplant (acute rejection, morph)
inflamm infiltrates (lympho, plasma cell, few neutro/eosino) - small vessels/submucosa of airways
lung transplant (chronic rejection)
3-5 years after
cough, dyspnea, irreversible ↓LFT bronchiolitis obliterans
lung transplant (chronic rejection, morph)
bronchiolitis obliterans (patchy)
long-term - bronchiectasis, pulm fibrosis
bronchiolitis obliterans
partial/complete occlusion of small airways by fibrosis