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Flat neck veins (barley visible) are a sign of__________

dehydration or volume depletion

Low pulse strength is a sign of ______

HF, atherosclerosis, exercise, stress


5h left ICS @ MCL

________ replace chest percussion

chest xrays

s3 is abnormal in pt's over 40 years --> increased arterial pressure

s4 results from hypertension, hypertrophy or fibrosis

Use _____ to auscultate the carotid artery.


Apical pulse may not be palpable in ______ or _______ pts.

obese or elder

Most important part of Heart assessment is

Auscultating (use diaphragm)

Aortic & Pulmonic

s2 is louder (closing of the AV valves)

Tricuspid & mitral

s1 is louder than s2

Peripheral Vascular system

responsible for circulation oxygen & nutrients via blood stream

Lymphatic System

drains fluid from tissue

hypertrophy occurs

pt uses one arm more than the other

if color doesn't return within 3 seconds in the blanch test, it is usually due to;

vasoconstriction, decreased cardiac output, anemia, impaired circulation, arterial disease.

Rough or dry texture is a sign of;


Epitrochlear lymph nodes are located

under arms, not palpable

inguinal lymphnodes are located

inner thigh, may be palpable, < 2 cm

if one extremity is cooler than the other it can indicate;

arterial occlusion

normal ABI


Trendelenburg test

tourniquet; fluid movement

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